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Richard Branson gives the potentially intimidating Virgin Group a friendly, smiling face thanks to motivational quotes.

Instagram is a particularly valuable social media platform for image-driven businesses, for example those whose products and services lend themselves to visually stimulating content. The booming categories benefiting from Instagram seem to be the travel, retail or wellness industries.

The primary purpose behind Instagram is to create unique and interesting content, so you need to be sure you’re the kind of business that can produce a constant stream of attractive images for your audience.

Be realistic when setting goals for your account

Identify your objectives from the start. If you are a hairdresser based in Melbourne, having millions of followers in the US and China will not give you any sort of results. Don’t spend all your time chasing followers or getting caught up with your account’s global audience reach if that’s not going to help you in the long term. The goal shouldn’t be to have millions of followers, it should be to encourage customers to visit your website and your store.

A well-crafted bio can build email subscribers

You can increase your email list by converting your followers into subscribers. If you’re finding it hard to get followers to click the links in your bios, this might be because you are too verbose, unclear or have overloaded the bio with links. Instead, write your bio succinctly, with a call-to-action stating your message such as ‘shop now’, ‘find out more’ or ‘free worldwide shipping’.

Get inspiration from these business accounts  

Shark Tank judge and RedBalloon founder Naomi Simson’s account distinctly represents her branding with an orange and red colour palette to match her signature outfits. Simson documents her business successes, such as TV appearances, speaking events and book tours.  Naomi Simson @NaomiSimson

Richard Branson gives the potentially intimidating Virgin Group a friendly, smiling face thanks to motivational quotes, travel and adventure imagery, and photos of his different business engagements. Richard Branson @richardbranson

Jane Lu is the founder of online retailer ShowPo and an expert at using Instagram in her business with 150,000 followers. Lu creates a sense of her ‘lifestyle’ to link with her women’s fashion brand, posting her team members celebrating birthdays, wearing ShowPo pieces or going out for an event. Jane Lu @TheLazyCEO

As the cofounder of a wine business, Andre Eikmeier’s Instagram posts feature wine, gin and family snaps. He makes the occasional entrepreneurial reference with a picture showing he’s ‘back at school’ completing a company director’s course. Andre Eikmeier @MofoAndre

StyleRunner cofounder Julie Stevanja showcases the branding of her luxury workout line through her posts that cover everything from inspirational quotes, to style and sporting events. She also uses the platform to promote the latest discounts and deals on the website. Julie Stevanja @juliestevanja


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