If your business is in a hotly contested industry it’s now essential that they develop smart content to stay ahead competition.

In Australia, this marketshare is even higher at 93% and 98% respectively, which equates to an audience reach of over 92% of the Australian population.

Google also recently became the world’s most valuable company with a market cap of $550 billion, which isn’t hard to believe when they’re handling billions of searches daily and trillions yearly, and they’re only beginning to expand their horizons via all sorts of weird and wonderful new innovations.

With such a dynamic powerhouse spreading its wings, 2016/17 is looking to be the year that Australian small businesses take stock of their relationship with the Google brand and how they’re aligning themselves to the central Google search experience.

In light of this and evolving user search behaviours we’ve compiled a short summary of the top five SEO trends to keep an eye on today and into 2017.

Our Top 5 SEO Trends for 2016

1.       Mobile and Local is the new black

Google’s reduced local pack results (down from 7 to 3 listings) and removed right side ads demonstrates Google’s absolute shift to a user-led, mobile-first world. The good news is we’ve been optimising our customers’ businesses for mobile and local since day one.

2.       Content reigns supreme

Google’s primary aim is always to improve the search users’ experience, which is why content organisation and quality are essential to drive user engagement. If your business is in a hotly contested industry it’s now essential that they develop smart content to stay ahead competition.

3.       Simply asking is changing the game

Digital assistants i.e. Siri, Now, Cortana are driving the growth of national language search phrases – think long questions - which now accounts for 20% of all Google mobile queries.

4.       Even more rich answers

From recipes to flight times to conversion tools, Google’s rich answers are growing and now make up approximately 32% of search results (June 2015), up from 22% from Dec 2014. In essence this means businesses need SEO more than ever to ensure they’re being the most relevant and compelling option for users searching.

5.       Rising Social Media results

While Google isn’t likely to buddy up with Facebook anytime soon, Social Profiles and shared content are beginning to rank so for users interested in reviews and additional insights into businesses these extra touchpoints will continue to grow in importance in future.  

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