Only Sensis has access to Australia's largest and most up-to-date residential and business directories – the White Pages and Yellow Pages.

Sensis TotalCheck is a fully integrated API (application) that checks your customer database against exclusive Sensis data sources including Yellow Pages, White Pages, Whereis and TrueLocal.

This service also taps into external data sources such as Australia Post, New Zealand Post and Australian Business Register.

National Sales Manager Sensis Data Solutions, Paul Orfanos says this is an incredibly useful tool.

“We're offering a powerful tool that cross checks names, addresses, emails, ABNs, website addresses and, unlike many competitors, we have verified phone numbers. Plus, only Sensis has access to Australia's largest and most up-to-date residential and business directories – the White Pages and Yellow Pages.”

“TotalCheck captures the right contact information in real time using the most trusted and comprehensive source of contact data in Australia. This means businesses have access to contacts that are more likely to be sales leads. ”

He says the product also uses geographic mapping information to deliver demographic details that paint a clear customer picture, so you can target and tailor your marketing communications to suit different customer segments.

“For example, one large retail company validated 100,000 contacts with us which meant they were able to tailor their communications to a high degree without wasting precious marketing budget.”

Sensis Data Solutions recently worked with BMW Australia and were able to reduce costs in obtaining accurate customer and prospect data, faster data cleansing, enhanced direct marketing campaign ROI due to a decrease in returned mail and their loyalty programs became more efficient.

Marketing Services Manager, BMW Group Australia, Stuart Jaffray says they chose TotalCheck over “its competitors because its combination of postal address file and White Pages and Yellow Pages data makes it the most comprehensive solution in the market”.

Other benefits included:

The need to validate

The majority of Australian businesses rely on manual fixes and annual bulk-cleanses or complex data projects to validate their data. Validating against Sensis’s real and rich data sources as your data is entered is a much smarter, relevant way to operate.

The faster the better

As in BMW Australia’s case, efficiency gains are as important as the quality of the validation provided by TotalCheck. Time saving elements like auto-correct formatting are supported by superior functional elements such as name auto-fill, automatic look-up and intelligent auto-suggest.

Customer experience

We’ve all visited ‘Contact Us’ web forms that leave us wondering if the details entered will be ignored. By integrating a TotalCheck solution in to your company’s systems you can eliminate this problem by building a confident approach to managing enquiry forms.

Postage value

To take advantage of Australia Post’s bulk mail discounts you need correctly formatted addresses. TotalCheck will do this for you at point of entry, validating and correcting so you can mail in bulk and save.

TotalCheck works best for business

By using an integrated API linked to a variety of rich data sources, with real-time data entry validation you’re giving your business the best opportunity to maximise your database potential, while saving time and money on data entry. 

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