Sensis Social Ads is a great way to place your business in front of the right audiences to generate new customers and leads.

Get more customers clicking with these six tips.

Being online means you’ve got access to the biggest ever marketplace for business owners. With all age groups plugged in you need to cut through the noise and make connections.

Consider these strategies to boost engagement for the year to come:

1. Identify your target market

How easily can you summarise who your customer base is and the role they play in purchasing your product? Understanding your demographic will ultimately determine what platforms you should use for your business.

2. Etiquette is everything

Some of your best customer service advocates are in fact your customers. During your social interactions, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be transparent in your communication to build trust and rapport.

Avoid engaging in potentially offensive comments or tweets, or getting caught up in an online debate that could impact your business’s reputation or employees, and give your organisation a bad name. If a customer lodges a complaint or leaves feedback via social media, respond in a professional, thoughtful manner to show you’ve addressed the issue and respect your customer.

3. Refer to a social media marketing expert

Jumping into a new marketing avenue that you have little knowledge about might be detrimental to your business’s success. Ensure you have someone on your team who understands social media, or is savvy enough to learn and implement various tactics efficiently. They should be able to provide insight on how to create a bond with your audience so they feel compelled to buy your product or service.  

4. Remember that appearances count

If you don’t have a graphic designer, you’ll need to learn how to use Photoshop to create consistently good-looking logos, images, memes and other marketing materials. People are far more likely to trust the capabilities of your business and remember it in the future.

5. Don’t underestimate social media’s reach

According to the Sensis Social Media Report 2015, 68% of Australians are on social media, 49% use it daily and 25% use it more than five times a day. That’s an enormous number of customers who could be clicking on your business.

Sensis Social Ads can be another way of placing your business in front of the right audiences to generate new customers and leads. It’s a chance to leverage Facebook’s huge audience by getting your ads to appear in the feeds of those most likely to be interested in buying.

6. Make content worth people’s time  

You want to personalise your business and remove whatever preconceptions come with being in your particular industry. Identify what voice you want to have on social media and tailor your content so that it is of interest to your target market.

Have a plan – outline in advance the different pieces of content that you will distribute at different times and get creative with inspiring quotes, behind-the-scenes photos, newsworthy links and fun videos.

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