4 tips for Facebook selling for small businesses
Limited traffic coming to your Facebook page is a sure sign you aren’t marketing yourself effectively.

Facebook has proven to be a surprisingly effective marketing tool for many SMEs so here are some tips to get the most from it.

The social platform enables small businesses to be nimble and innovative while the big boys were still trying to work it out, says Bendalls Group managing director Fi Bendall.

In fact, the social network represents a relatively cheap means of creating and maintaining an online presence for your business that gives you an advantage over larger companies with substantial advertising budgets.

However, while many small to medium enterprises have turned to Facebook for their marketing, many are still struggling a attract followers to a page that shows no sign of buzzing any time soon.

Limited traffic coming to your Facebook page is a sure sign you aren’t marketing yourself effectively, explains Bendall. To put it bluntly, you have become irrelevant. But you can learn to stand out online and become highly relevant within the social media world by considering these key questions:

What’s my unique selling point?

“It’s important to look at your USP and passion, and then get out there and tell the world,” says Bendall.

Remember, you’re asking people to get behind you and your passion, says Bendall. This brand message doesn’t end at your website, but your Facebook page and all social media platforms – just make sure there is a reason for your audience to contact you. 

How do I keep a page engaging?

Create fresh content and post frequently, recommends Bendall. Try to blog at least once a week, depending on your business’s promotions and relevant news. Even adding snippets of new content daily will improve your Google ranking.

Ensure all your social media pages, web pages and business apps are all connected so customers can easily find them.

Also, ensure your team responds quickly to customers by using smart, free tools such as Live Chat or Facebook messenger.

“Just be prepared to be humble and humorous,” says Bendall. In this digital age people appreciate human connection so put yourself out there and engage. 

Should I use Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads are good for promotions and driving traffic to your website. It’s also a great way to get app downloads, says Bendall.

“I was a total cynic of Facebook Ads, but I know numerous home-based and micro-businesses who are doing really well with them.

“However, I think it has to be a certain transactional business for it to work, such as e-commerce smaller transactions and easy sales.”

What can I learn from others?

Don’t forget the importance of professional and expert resources that are available at the click of a button. Look to people in a similar industry to you and see what they are doing right.

“That’s one of the good things about the internet and probably the only good thing about human nature – to over-share our skills and successes.”




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