The Foundation ensures your business listing is featured across our entire digital network, connecting you to millions of potential customers.

Your listing can show your logo and slogan, business services, opening hours, ways in which customers can get in contact with you and more.

Your Yellow Pages ad will look great on all devices
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List the essentials

Get started with a logo and slogan, business services, opening hours, contact points and more.

Unlimited Search Terms

Add key search terms to your listing to make it easier to be found by customers

Be part of the Yellow Pages Partner Network

As well as your Yellow Pages advertisement, your listing will be syndicated across our partner sites including maps, search engines and specialty sites

Smart advertising for smart devices

Whether customers are searching on desktops, laptops, mobiles or tablets, your advertising will be looking its best

Reporting and Monitoring

We’ll give you easy to follow monthly performance reports so you can see the impact your advertisement is having on your business

1. Minimum Periods apply.  For most Yellow Pages Digital Products, the Minimum Period is 6 months. 

2. After the Minimum Period, your Product will continue to be supplied at the latest price until cancelled.  

3. Set up fees are non-refundable.

4. Some Yellow Pages Digital Products can only be purchased in combination with other products.  Ask us for details.   

5. You’re responsible for notifying us if you change your contact details.

6. Need to make changes to content of your ad?  Changes to Yellow Pages Digital Products can be made anytime, just get in touch.

7. You can cancel at any time in writing or by phoning us and we’ll action it within 14 days. Cancellation fees apply if you cancel during the Minimum Period. 

8. The full terms that apply to Yellow Pages products are here.

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Yellow Pages Digital Advantage

Managed Service
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Let our expert team manage your listing for you
  1. Our experts will take charge of your listing content
  2. More ways to improve your listing's performance
  3. We'll boost your appearance across our digital network

Yellow Pages Digital Professional

Managed Service
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We can customise your listing to appear everywhere your business operates
  1. Option to upgrade and be found in searches for multiple locations
  2. Better ways to improve your listing's performance
  3. Add even more content to your listing

Yellow Pages Digital Professional +

Managed Service
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Our full-service solution to make you stand-out from the competition
  1. Put custom branding on your listing
  2. Top-level engagement with your listing to get the best results
  3. Get the maximum amount of content on your listing
All prices GST inclusive. Click on View Details to view key terms.

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