Skip is a smarter way for cafés and restaurants to take orders and handle payments online. The Skip system lets your customers place their order and pay via our app. Meanwhile at your venue, confirmation of their order will appear in your workflow, so you can start frothing the milk and have their cappuccino ready to go by the time they arrive. Nobody likes to wait in line – so keep your customers happy by letting them ‘Skip’ the queue!

Skip the queue
5.98% weekly commission*

Online ordering

More than just coffee, Skip can list your menu items too. Got a daily special you want to promote? List it on Skip and let your customers pre-order from their smartphone for a truly quick bite.

Pain free payments

Handling cash and processing EFTPOS payments slows your service down. Skip the hassle by letting customers pay online before they arrive and we’ll deposit your takings directly into your bank account.

Digital loyalty cards

Forget about having to print and stamp those flimsy, cardboard loyalty cards; Skip can keep track of your customers’ loyalty cards via the app. Convenient and cool.

Seamless integration

Skip is designed to seamlessly fit into your existing workflow. Use any mobile, tablet, or computer device to receive orders and have Skip up and running in your business as soon as tomorrow.

Attract new customers

Skip lets customers scan for eateries in their vicinity, so being listed in Skip gives you the edge over your competitors. It’s easy for customers to order and pay for a coffee when they know there’s no queue threatening their 15-minute break.

Business analytics

Skip can help you track how your business is faring week-to-week; review your orders, identify your new and best customers, monitor trends. If Skip shows that Tuesdays are your least busy workday, why not try a 2-for-1 promotion?

Top FAQs

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Will it interrupt my day? I really don’t have time to deal with new processes and training up staff.

Skip was developed and tested hand-in-hand with working cafes to ensure it helps, not hinders, your business workflow. It requires no training and is flexible enough to fit however you work.

If you write orders on cups, then you can work with an iPad – your orders appear (written in café lingo).

If you work off a docket system there is a Skip printer which can sit alongside your existing process.

And you no longer have to spend time stamping loyalty cards and processing cash transactions. What could be easier?

I like interacting with my customers. Will being online mean I'm a bit impersonal with my customers?

Skip doesn’t stop you from interacting with your customers - in fact quite the opposite. By reducing the time you spend on processing orders and exchanging cash, you’ve actually got more time to spend having a good ol' chin-wag.

Is it just changing the way existing customers use us anyway…where’s the advantage?

Actually our figures show that users increase their spend through Skip over time  - almost doubling their spend after 7 weeks! Plus, because Skip allows you to order when you are time poor, or don’t have the readies, it enables your business to capture revenue you previously may have missed out on.

We all know that people really do hate to wait, if the lines are too long their eyes start wandering to the other café round the corner.  Skip stops the queues, and more importantly helps to stop that coffee-wandering-eye straying to the competition.

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5.98% weekly commission*