Blast your business across top Australian websites, mobile apps and social platforms with our new animated banner ads. 

The Sensis Digital Display platform combines professional looking ads with large-scale media buying power, giving you the kind of campaign that’s usually only available to big-budget advertisers.


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from $ 750 monthly*

Easily create professional ads

You can upload existing artwork, or let our platform pull in images and key information about your business to create your banner ad. You can then adjust every detail so it delivers the perfect message.

Optimise your budget

Our system automatically sends your ads to the websites and suburbs where they’re getting you the best results. So your campaign is continually being optimised and your budget is used wisely.

Appear on the right sites

Your banner ads only appear on our rigorously approved list of websites, so your brand won’t show up anywhere unsavoury.

Drive local traffic to your website

Our geo-targeting lets you target customers in specific suburbs. You can target your local area or push your banner ads out to a wider audience.

Enjoy flexible campaign timing

We have a couple of subscription models, so you can run a campaign for as long as you like* or as short as 8 weeks.

*Minimum commitment applies

Access detailed reports

Your performance dashboard gives you access to near real-time reporting. So you’ll know where your banner ads have appeared and how they’re working for your business.

1. Minimum Periods apply.  For most Digital Display Ads products, the Minimum Period is 2 months or 6 months.

2. After the Minimum Period, your product will continue to be supplied at the latest price until cancelled. 

3. You’re responsible for notifying us if you change your contact details.

4. Want to discuss your Digital Display  program?  We’re here to help, so just get in touch.

5. You can cancel at any time in writing or by phoning us and we’ll action it within 14 days. Cancellation fees apply if you cancel during the Minimum Period.

6. The full terms that apply to Digital Display Ads are here.

7. If you make significant changes to the content of your website you must tell us because this could impact your campaign.

8. Content can be updated on request. Updates limited to 1 per month.

9. Unique tracking code for re-targeting purpose is available for compatible HTML websites

Top FAQs

What are Digital Display Ads?

Also known as banners, these are ads that appear on websites, mobile apps and social platforms. It’s an easy way to get your business details in front of potential buyers.

How much does it cost?

Our flexible subscription model lets you invest according to the number of potential customers you want to reach.

You can subscribe on an ongoing basis with a 6-month minimum commitment – ideal if you want a longer-term presence. Or you can subscribe to a 2-month minimum commitment – the perfect solution if you have a special offer you want to push before the end of the financial year or a seasonal campaign leading up to Easter or Christmas.

I’m not creative. How do I get artwork for my ads?

You don’t have to be creative and you don’t have to spend thousands to get someone else to do it for you.

Our platform is designed to make professional digital ads for you in minutes. It scours approved websites for your company’s images and details, then brings them together to automatically create your ad.

You can tweak the look and messaging to make an ad that reflects your business and says what you want it to say.

You can even include mobile click-to-call buttons, maps and links to social media.

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from $ 750 monthly*