Increase sales with accurate data.

We’ll wash your customer database against Yellow Pages, White Pages, Whereis and a range of other data sources to keep your records up-to-date, so you’re ready to sell to the right people.

From addresses to emails, personal and business names, ABNs, URLs, phone numbers and many more data sets – let us check and update your data for you.

Sensis Data Solutions

Did you know?

34% of emails
in the average database are wrong
43% of Aussies
move house every 5 years
There are 32,000
phone number changes each day

As one of Australia’s most trusted data cleansers, Sensis Data Solutions validate your customer database against a range of expert data sources. 

This gives you detailed, up-to-date information so you can deliver relevant marketing communications to the right targets.

We also use our extensive data resources to power search engines and help customers find your business location.

Trusted sources

Our information is up-to-date (and renowned) Australia-wide, and internationally.

Real-time updates

We make changes right here, right now.

Data validation

We make sure your data is connecting you to the right people.

Data enrichment

We seek and resolve typos and misspellings for you.

Improved accuracy

We’ll make sure you have the right data, so you can reach the right customers.

Better sales and strategy

Make decisions based on current data – or better still, customers’ behaviour once you’re in touch.

Customer trust

Get their details right, and your customers will know you care.

Top FAQs

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How do you validate data?

We use MacroMatch and TotalCheck to run checks on your data, pulling out any details that aren’t right, and replacing them with the correct information.

My data hasn't been updated in a long time. Is this an issue?

Not at all. We’re set up to improve both older, and more recent data.

How do I receive my data once you've washed it?

We can return data in a file, or better still, integrate it into your system for you.

Where can I get more information?

Visit to find out more and request a call. Or, if you’d like to talk sooner, just call 1800 033 807.

We’re here to help.

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