TotalCheck takes the guesswork out of lead gen for BeyondD
“You can’t underestimate the value of real time validation. As a lead enters their details, we know if it’s valid or not."

Case Study: BeyondD


BeyondD is a lead generation marketing company, primarily working with leading insurers and electricity and internet providers.

Their leads are generated in two different ways – by running online competitions that require the customer to complete a web form or by acquiring 3rd party data captured on high traffic web sites.

In both cases BeyondD’s revenue relies on proving the legitimacy of each lead.

As James Ward, BeyondD’s general manager, explains, “We pay for customer data collected on third party web forms and then charge this to our customers. We also collect our own customer data that we sell on. However, our customers are only willing to pay if the contact is valid, so we need a way to monitor this.”


Not too long ago BeyondD had no concrete way to know if the thousands of phone numbers, emails and addresses they were providing to their customers were current and active.

This made it almost impossible to accurately report revenue.

With little confidence in the figures he was presenting, James’ monthly board reports were not something he looked forward to.

‘Revenue scrubbing’ was rife, with customers refusing to pay for leads they considered invalid, wiping out large chunks of BeyondD’s monthly projected profits.


BeyondD now use Sensis TotalCheck, a live validation tool, to verify their customer leads.

“We have a real picture of our revenue thanks to TotalCheck”, says James. As a customer enters their details on a web form, TotalCheck is behind the scenes accessing a huge range of trusted databases, to ensure this information is correct. If the phone number, email or address is wrong, TotalCheck flags this and BeyondD knows not to sell this lead to their customers. And on the other hand, BeyondD only pays for third party leads if they have the TotalCheck ok.

With many clients employing call centers to almost immediately contact the leads generated by BeyondD, James says, “You can’t underestimate the value of real time validation. As a lead enters their details, we know if it’s valid or not. This enables our customers to act swiftly, capitalising on information that will still be fresh in a lead’s mind.”

James is also happy ‘revenue scrubbing’ is a thing of the past, with TotalCheck now the final word. “The Sensis brand and their connection to the Yellow Pages and White Pages, mean that both BeyondD and our clients trust TotalCheck’s accuracy”, says James. There’s no more arguing over what constitutes a real lead – time is saved by only passing on legitimate details – and BeyondD knows exactly how much money is going in and out of the business each month.

And while TotalCheck’s validation accuracy is integral to BeyondD, its straightforward integration is also a major factor. “It’s really easy to work with and all runs very smoothly. I’ve never had any complaints”, says James.

What’s next?

When asked about other ways BeyondD can utilise the TotalCheck service, James says, “Every time we think you won’t be able to do something, you’ve got it covered”.

BeyondD is now working with a client who has requested valid Brazilian mobile phone number leads. TotalCheck’s access to a huge range of international databases, mean they’ve got this covered.