As you go through the process of creating an ad with Sensis, you might notice the words  ‘admin’ and ‘ownership’ used when we talk about your account.

These can be confusing at the best of times. So, what does it all mean?



This is the person in charge of your account and advertising. If you were the one who signed up with Sensis, this will be you. The administrator has the right to view the specifics of your account, and change the advertising at any time.

Admin access

If you ever want another person to change your ad, or view specific details of your account, they will need what we call ‘admin access’. This is a special type of permission that can only be granted by the account owner.


When we talk about ‘ownership’ of an account, we mean the sole responsibility of managing, editing and looking after your account and advertising with Sensis. If you are the original administrator, you have ownership.

Much like admin access, you can pass this on to another person in your business – but only one person can have ‘ownership’ at a time. If you’d like to transfer your ownership, keep this in mind.


Types of admin access

Full access

Let this user see all account information, as well as edit and post listings. You’ll still be the owner of the account.

Content and editing access

Let this user update content, change details, check over and approve your ad content.


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