“I provide a comprehensive FAQ page to pre-empt some of the problems the user may encounter.”

Here’s how to create a compelling digital presence that will attract online attention.

As soon as they click on your site, customers are passing judgement on your business and deciding whether or not they will delve further and click on other pages. 

That’s why it’s important for owners to invest time and money on a great site to keep visitors coming back.

Australia’s first digital funeral planning service – myendnotes – values making a good first impression as a standalone business website that helps people document their wishes and life story, according to founder Stephanie Longmuir.

Longmuir came up with the idea after meeting many families who lamented the fact that they had never documented their loved ones’ wishes or instructions when they still had time.

“Over a two-year period I put together the content for my site. Then it took a further year for my web development team to build and test it. We recently launched the site and received some very positive feedback and interest from investors,” she says.

Here are Longmuir’s top tips for improving your website in order to reap the benefits of this powerful tool:

Create a good FAQ page

“I provide a comprehensive FAQ page to pre-empt some of the problems the user may encounter,” says Longmuir.

Think about providing information to your visitors in many ways, not just with written text but with an image, a screenshot or a video explanation that best answers their questions.

Simple design keeps people coming back

“The site is very easy to navigate because it is concise and very clean in its design,” says Longmuir. “It uses a minimalist colour scheme and no graphics or photos. There is nothing tricky or complicated in the design or the functionality.”

You don’t want people arriving on your website to become disoriented, so ensure the visual appeal of your site keeps the audience engaged. Menus, sub-menus, scannable text and presenting information in the simplest way possible allows visitors to quickly and easily find what they’re looking for.

“As I am seeking an older market, particularly the baby boomer generation, my site had to be uncomplicated,” says Longmuir.

Promote yourself and your business

A website is one way of generating a solid amount of attention and engagement online without breaking your budget.

“I also have another website that provides details on me and the work that I do as a celebrant. This is a very important tool for my business as it gives people a chance to have a look at me and what I do before they engage my services.”

Don’t neglect it: prepare for ongoing maintenance

“Find a web development team that you like and respect as this is a long-term relationship,” says Longmuir.

Analyse their hiring potential by looking at past clients and by examining the quality of their web design portfolio.

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