“Basically, it’s a brand developer – a community connector, and it’s really good for promotions.”

It’s important to learn how to leverage this popular platform for your business.

Instagram has forever changed the way people interact with businesses and brands. It’s an extremely effective means of improving visibility and extending reach. Make sure your brand takes full advantage of the platform straight away by following these simple steps.

Define your point of view

Instagram isn’t a tool to push products, but a platform where you can develop your brand’s personality by telling visual stories.

“The way I see social media working is that it’s all about exactly that – social and connecting. And not getting too caught up in whether it’s profitable and drives sales,” says I Quit Sugar director and founder Sarah Wilson.

Instagram is ideal for creating strong connections between a brand and its customers, she explains. Start by zoning in on what makes your business unique and how you plan to translate this message in a gallery format.

“Basically, it’s a brand developer – a community connector, and it’s really good for promotions.” 

I Quit Sugar employs 13 people and is turning over around $1.8 million annually. Even though Instagram doesn’t drive much of those sales, Wilson still believes it’s a crucial social marketing tool.

Understand that you are what you post

Share content your audience will genuinely enjoy by using a ‘voice’ people can connect with.

“I think when you know who your customer is, you need to give yourself a voice. That will lead you to finding the right content,” says Jane Lu, founder of Sydney-based online fashion retailer Showpo.

By approaching each post as an addition to your brand’s visual story you will create meaningful interactions with your community so that they can share your message.

“My rule of thumb is that if the content is something I would want to share on my wall or on my friend’s wall, then it’s good,” she says.  

According to Lu, once you open your account you need to keep up the frequency of posts, or your followers are likely to forget about you.

Make yourself found – comments, likes and tags

If you want to entice the photo-obsessed younger generation into following and tagging your products in their posts you need to come up with some high-quality content, and that includes using hashtags effectively and creating snappy captions.

“Instagram’s definitely not a place for you to directly sell – you don’t want your posts to look like advertising – you just want to give good content,” Lu says.

Rather than regularly posting photos that are obviously advertisements or overt marketing ploys, accompany high-quality images with short and fresh text, incorporate hashtags and engage people by posing questions and liking and commenting on their images.


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