SEM is an effective way of promoting your website by increasing its visibility on search engine results pages through paid advertising.

With millions of businesses out there all vying for people’s attention, it’s important that you take your existing website and make it work for you, so you stop leaking money and receive a good return on investment.

Search engine marketing (SEM) can be one very effective way of promoting your website by increasing its visibility on search engine results pages through paid advertising.

Your ads can be hosted on search engines such as Google and Bing, or even social media channels like Facebook, in order to target users who are actively searching for your product or service.

Sensis senior manager SEO, Kavit Shah, has collated five essential tips for getting search engine marketing right.

1.     Aim for a high Quality Score

Ensure your landing pages and associated content are as closely related to the keywords you purchase and the keywords you include in your ad. This will secure your site a high Quality Score from Google. Having a high Quality Score means the search engine knows your online offering is relevant and therefore useful to someone who clicks on your ad. This score will also enable you to pay less per click over time.

2.     Make life easy for visitors

Ensure your landing pages are easy to navigate with all relevant information presented clearly, this will mean visitors find what they are looking for and quickly convert into buyers.

3.     Track your campaign’s effectiveness

Ensure that your pages are appropriately tagged with the analytics codes so that you can track how much revenue is generated by your advertising spend. Google offers a useful explanation of conversion tracking.

4.     Conduct A/B split testing

Eventually you are going to want to test your ad copy, and this means performing landing page tests in order to continually identify winning ideas and improve your conversion rate. Check that you are putting the right message forward and crafting your ads to entice potential buyers to click through to your website instead of a competitor’s.

A/B test multiple messages to see what works best and tweak accordingly. An A/B test is one in which you pit two versions of something against each other to figure out the highest converting page.

5.     Security is a useful conversion tool

Ensure your site is secure and marked with the appropriate certification so that buyers have confidence when making online transactions. They are far more likely to trust your brand and feel excited to return to make another purchase if they feel safe. 

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