4 ways to use digital video to market your business

Video content is huge at the moment. Facebook claims to be serving more than 8 billion videos every day, while Snapchat puts their figure at 10 billion. Meanwhile, YouTube has more than 1.5 billion active monthly users, purely watching video online – while there are also more people watching YouTube content during prime time than any TV network.

Yes, there’s a reason you’re seeing more and more video options cropping up everywhere. And when you couple those consumption stats with user response (Twitter research has shown tweets with video generate higher response and more engagement), it makes more and more sense for all brands to consider video within their digital marketing strategy.

But while it’s easier than ever to create video content, creating good video content is another thing altogether.

What should you be creating? What will generate the best response from your audience?

Here are some ideas to get you thinking.

1. Tutorials

One of the easiest and most popular ways to showcase your expertise via video is through a tutorial.

This doesn’t have to be overly complex – you can put together a simple set-up with a phone camera and tripod and start filming, with the on-screen action going through the details.

Some businesses worry that this could reduce their professional value by providing too much insight – show people how to do it themselves and they won’t need you – but research shows that content that lets people in actually creates stronger brand association and awareness, boosting your brand standing.

What’s more, tutorial videos are very popular.

This is particularly true in the beauty sector – both Pinterest and Instagram have noted that beauty tutorials are among the most popular video content on their platforms.

Is there something you can showcase with a video tutorial? It could help get you big results and exposure.

2. Testimonials

If you’re a little camera shy, don’t worry. There are plenty of people who don’t necessarily want to be on camera who are still generating results from video content.

One option to consider is video testimonials – there’s nothing better than seeing and hearing words in support of your business delivered by actual customers.

Is there are client whose experience stands out, who has derived significant benefit from your business and might be willing to help you out?

3. Product demonstrations

This is another easy one, which requires minimal scripting or on-camera work.

If you’re launching a new product or service, why not make a video to explain how it works, and why you’re doing it?

What’s more, you could offer the video as an exclusive perk to your best clients, giving them access to your ‘inner circle’ which can be great for building brand community.

4. Live video

If you’ve had anything to do with social media marketing in the past two years, you’ve no doubt heard about live streaming.

You can start up a live stream on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, and share what’s happening at any time. Facebook’s data shows that daily watch time for live broadcasts grew four times in the past year, while Facebook users also spend three times longer watching a Facebook live stream compared to a video that’s no longer live.

It’s easy, immediate, and it enables your viewers to respond to your content in real time through comments and reactions – and you can reply back.

Even better, Facebook just recently added a new live guest feature, which means you can conduct real-time interviews and discussions with another person, reducing some of the performance pressure.

These are just four ways you can use video to boost your digital marketing strategy. It used to be that video production like this was only in the realm of big brands due to high production costs, but these days, anyone can do it. Smartphone cameras will generally provide a good result, while actual video cameras and sound units are also relatively inexpensive.

Given the rise of online video, it’s an investment well worth considering. 

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