There’s a heap of ways brands will be able to utilise moments, and as noted, the option may provide the best way to maximise mobile presentation for tweets.

Facing declining levels of audience engagement and stagnant user growth, Moments was designed to be a new way to experience tweets.

Twitter even gave Moments prominent placement right in the middle of the task bar along the bottom of the Twitter app and ran the platform’s first ever TV ad to promote the offering.

The problem Moments was designed to address is that Twitter, to outsiders, is hard. You can only user 140 characters for your updates, there’s hashtags and symbols crammed into every tweet.

Not only that, but it can be hard to even find a conversation to join on Twitter – despite most people knowing that the network is the home of real time conversation and commentary, slowing user numbers showed that many people just don’t get it.  

Moments helps solve this by providing a highlight reel of the best tweets on a given subject. Or at least, that’s what Twitter envisioned.

Thus far, Moments hasn’t led to any major uplift in audience numbers, and the stats on Moments use haven’t been amazing.

But that could all change with Twitter’s latest announcement that Moments, rather than being created and curated exclusively by Twitter’s editorial team, can now be created by anyone on Twitter.

And while this announcement will hold appeal for all users, it should particularly be of interest to brands looking to maximise their Twitter presence, as it provides them with a whole new way to create full mobile screen, immersive storytelling experiences on Twitter, all on-brand and related to the marketing message they want to deliver.

To create your own Moment, all you need to do is go to your Twitter profile on a desktop PC (you can’t create Moments via mobile as yet). There, on your profile, there’ll be a new ‘Moments’ tab to click on, and once you do, you’ll see a new option ‘Create new moment’.

The creation process itself is very easy – you simply search Twitter for the tweets you want to include in your Moment (yours or anyone else’s) and add them in the order you want them to appear.

You then add a cover image – either from one of your included tweets or upload your own – then name your Moment and hit ‘Publish’. You’ll then be given a URL for your Moment which you can tweet out or embed on other sites.

The option provides a new consideration for brands looking to get more out of Twitter, with the Moments format offering a whole new set of presentation options and tools.

And while, as noted, Moments hasn’t taken off and become the next big thing as Twitter has hoped, it’s still prominently featured within the Twitter app, and it’s the only way to create a full-screen, swipeable presentation of tweets via mobile device.

And considering some 82% of Twitter users access the platform via mobile, that element is crucial – Moments may just be the best way to present tweets in mobile format, and the best way to highlight your own brand story around tweet content.

For example, if your customers are praising your business, you can create a Moment to thanks them (and showcase their compliments to other users). If you’re running a campaign which calls for users to submit their ideas via tweet, you can now collect those submitted images or tweets into a Moment to showcase the results.

There’s a heap of ways brands will be able to utilize moments, and as noted, the option may provide the best way to maximize mobile presentation for tweets.

It’s an option worth considering for any brand looking to get more out of Twitter.

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