Pokemon GO once again rates a mention in the top entertainment category among Australian users, with The Oscars, Star Wars and Eurovision also proving popular.

Twitter’s taken a regional approach to their listings, highlighting the biggest trends in specific countries - which enables us to see what the 5.53 million Australians who use the platform are using it for and what’s caught their attention.

Here are the top Australian Twitter trends for 2016.

1. Top hashtags

The most used hashtags among Australians for 2016 had a distinct political focus. The two top hashtags were #auspol and #ausvotes, respectively, driven by the Federal Election in July.

The next most popular hashtag was #Rio2016, followed by ABC TV program #QandA which always draws a big Twitter audience.

#Brexit was also on the mind of many Australian users, as was the US Presidential Election (#ElectionNight), with the #Arias, #PokemonGo, #AustraliaDay and #AusOpen rounded out the top ten.

The result underline that Twitter is where people go to discuss major events and participate in the related conversation.

From a marketing perspective, the results would suggest that tapping into these trending conversations with related, on-brand discussion points could be a way to boost conversation and reach – which is particularly relevant around events like Australia Day.

The hashtags also show the diversity of discussion on Twitter, ranging from politics to games like Pokemon GO. Clearly Twitter’s audience base varies widely – it’s worth listening in to see if your target audience is active on the platform.

2. Most Followed Australians

In terms of the most followed Australians, the listing skews towards younger audiences.

Luke Hemmings from the band ‘5 Seconds of Summer’ is the most followed individual Australian, with singer Cody Simpson coming in second. The remaining three members of 5 Seconds of Summer also made the top 10, underlining the popularity of the band.

Hugh Jackman was also listed, along with Iggy Azalea, Miranda Kerr, Troye Sivan and Shane Warne rounding out the list.

No politicians were mentioned, which is surprising considering the prevalence of political hashtags, but the numbers underline that the platform does still hold more appeal for younger audiences.

3. Top Entertainment Trends

The entertainment trends are another indicator of Twitter’s audience and where your business might fit into the related discussion.

Pokemon GO once again rates a mention in the top entertainment category among Australian users, with The Oscars, Star Wars and Eurovision also proving popular.

The iHeartRadio Music Awards was another event that attracted a lot of attention from Australian tweeters, as did The Grammys and Triple J's Hottest 100.

Video game Overwatch was another popular point of discussion, while the film Suicide Squad also had people talking, along with Netflix.

If these trends are outside of your business interests, they may provide some guidance as to the conversations you might be able to tap into this year to boost your brand presence.

It’s worth having a look to get a better understanding of how Australians are using the platform – if you’re looking to boost your social media presence and profile, get in touch.



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