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Twitter’s latest addition is an automated welcome direct message, which businesses can set up to better facilitate interactions via direct message.

Already the platform most people turn to when they want to register a customer service issue via social media, Twitter’s looking to introduce new tools to help businesses make better use of the platform to connect with their customers.

Twitter’s latest addition is an automated welcome direct message, which businesses can set up to better facilitate interactions via direct message. The process is easy to set up, and adds to Twitter’s other recent additions which enable business pages to highlight that they provide customer support.

Here’s how you do it.

Twitter dashboard

Back in June, Twitter introduced a new app for businesses called Dashboard. Just as it sounds, Dashboard provides a more comprehensive overview of Twitter activity for businesses, as well as providing options to monitor specific keywords or hashtags and connect you through to Twitter’s ad options to expand your message.

You can use Twitter Dashboard online, via your desktop PC, or you can download the app. If you haven’t checked it out, it’s definitely worth doing so – and you won’t be able to activate the new brand features without it.

Providing support

More recently, Twitter provided a new option for brands to display a notification which says “Responsive” on their profile, along with a listing of times within which your business is available to respond to tweets. The new functions – which are activated within Dashboard (specifically here) – also expand the direct message button on your page to a much bigger size, prompting users to be more active in getting in touch with their queries.

In addition, when your profile shows up in Twitter search queries, a ‘Provides Support’ note will be shown alongside your listing, highlighting that your Twitter handle provides customer support and making it easier for people to get in touch.

Welcome message

The latest addition to this process is a new, automated welcome message. You can set this up in Dashboard (here), all you need to do is enter in the text you would like shown to people when they first click on the ‘Message’ button on your Twitter profile.

For example, you can set up a simple message that says:

“Thanks for getting in touch – we’re happy to respond to any query you may have about Jane’s Jewellery, how can we assist you today?”

It may seem a little cheesy, but that first welcome note can help ease potential customers into the process, and help streamline the connection between queries and conversions.

Twitter’s not as popular as Facebook in the Australian market, but still, more than 5.53 million Australians are active on the platform every month. What’s more (and as noted earlier), Twitter is the preferred platform for customer queries, with more people opting to pose questions to businesses via tweet than through any other network.

If you have a Twitter profile, it’s worth utilising these new business features to boost your connection efforts – they may seem small in isolation, but every little detail counts.  

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