Posting social media content across multiple social media accounts gets much easier with these tools.

Marketing can be a very time-consuming job but there are tools out there that can provide anything from scheduling systems to advanced data management from multiple social media accounts.

Here are a number of free tools you can use to save you a little bit of time with social media (and, therefore, money).

To automate your social media posts:


Posting your social media content across multiple social media accounts gets a whole lot easier with this tool. Buffer helps you create a posting schedule for your Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ pages all in one location, saving you considerable time.

To keep up to date with the latest news:


Once you have more than about ten websites it starts to become hard work to keep track of each website and its new content. That’s where a feed reader comes in. Feedly allows you to save articles, podcasts or YouTube channels to visit them later or share them to social channels on your mobile or browser. You’ll also get notification updates when new content is loaded.

To monitor analytics:

The URL shortener is also capable of tracking and analytics. You can add “+” at the end of your URL to see how track times it’s been clicked on, and by whom. 

To make your photos look pretty:

Use photo editing app Pixlr or Canva. Pixlr is used to resizing images anyway you like and is very user friendly. It lets you save the image as a .jpeg or any format you require.

When you’re running on a small budget or need a picture instantly, you can create one using Canva even if you’re not great at design. Once you create an account you can choose from the many different template options, depending on the social channel you use, and a canvas will be created to suit that network. Then you can edit as you see fit and download.

To save you time:


Hootsuite allows you to schedule posts from your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts from one app. It’s strongest point is the scheduling ability as it means you can set aside a chunk of your week to prepare all of your posts ready to go so you don’t have to think about them later.

To improve your handling of Twitter:


SocialOomph helps you boost and schedule social media activity. You can schedule tweets, track keywords and links, but is focused on Twitter. This tool lets you manage multiple Twitter profiles, and you can configure lots of features like Auto Follow and Auto unfollow.


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