"Pinterest is 'a visual discovery tool' where users 'pin' images' of interest on their pinboards."

Here are three of the most fabulous Australian SMEs marketing on Pinterest.

When we consider social media, especially from a business perspective, we tend to think of Facebook, Twitter, then maybe LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram together – newer sites that most of us are familiar with, but don't know much about.

Pinterest in particular – 'a visual discovery tool' where users 'pin' images 'of interest on their 'pinboards' –  is still yet to gain widespread popularity in Australia, but judging by its success elsewhere, this isn't too far away.

Although the site seems to favour businesses with a visual element to their product, as a fairly new application, it's what you make of it – and there's nothing stopping you from developing it as a vehicle that specifically suits yourself.

One obvious trend is that the biggest posters tend to attract the most followers, and it's almost an advantage to be a smaller business on the site.

In fact, many smaller operations are way ahead of companies such as Westfield, Australia Post, Snooze and Hallmark Cards, which all have less than 1000 followers.

The moral of the emerging story? You've got to pin it to win it, as you can see from several local operators beginning to successfully prick the collective conscience.

Hugs'n Kisses

Essentially a home-based business operated by Hobart mother of three Helen Stubbings, Hugs'n Kisses has already racked up more than 11,000 'pins' and attracted almost 4,500 followers.

The quilt, applique, stitchery and embroidery pattern designer and distributor, whose self-proclaimed style “encompasses soft and dreamy themes”, separates her page into 45 'boards', which range from “french and colonial knots” to the intriguing “cretan stitch”!

While we support the notion that stitchery is not a gender-specific activity (!!!), the fact that approximately 80% of global Pinterest visitors are female has undoubtedly helped the unlikely success of the Hugs'n Kisses page.

Building Works Australia

Another prolific pinner (with over 11,500 pins), this 30-year old, Sydney based specialist in home building, renovations and repairs is a great example of a business striving to corral a social media application into something more than an afterthought.

It's page offers its more than 1000 followers access to 76 boards (including 'attic rooms', booths and nooks', and even 'cat houses and shelters'), which helps to infer the company's extensive and diverse array of expertise.

It's interesting to note that only one board features Building Works' own work, preferring to use the site as an 'ideas/inspiration hub' for clients.

Bellabox Australia

This is another Australian business that predominantly (but not exclusively!!!) deals with the female population, this time offering a “beauty discovery service” that delivers monthly selections of beauty products to its subscribers.

Bellabox has almost 3000 page followers and has so far posted nearly 6,500 pins to its 34 boards, which range from examples of its own products to pictures of its headquarters (and staff) in Melbourne, as well as jewellery and 'celebrity style'.

This is a good example of how Pinterest can be used to create an overall visual impression of a company, its interests and inspirations.

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