Having a user-friendly website that is easy to navigate across a range of devices and keeps the user coming back regularly is essential.

There are some 15 million users on The Social Network in Australia alone (63% of the total population), and 1.71 billion worldwide.

Yet, even then, it’s not so clear cut. You need to know where your audience is spending their time – generic data and adoption rates won’t necessarily help you connect with your target markets.

To help with this, social media analytics company TrackMaven recently released a report which examined the social presences of over 40,000 companies across 130 major industries over the first 6 months of 2016. And their findings might just make you re-think where your brand should be paying attention.

Here’s what they found.


The most popular business Pages on Facebook relate to entertainment – the top four most followed Pages were in the “Animation”, “Entertainment”, “Broadcast Media” and “Political Organization” sectors. This largely reflects the focus of Facebook’s user base – people are on the platform to connect with family and friends and share entertaining content, with political discussion also on the rise on The Social Network.

But on top of this, the sectors which are generating the most engagement on Facebook, aside from entertainment-focussed brands, were:

  • Legal Services
  • Restaurants
  • Accounting
  • Retail

This is important info to note – these days, while people are still using Facebook primarily to connect with friends, a growing number of users are also looking up business profiles, with these sectors, in particular, generating a lot of attention and discussion. Indeed, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that the platform is now facilitating more than 2 billion searches every day.

Another report, from ReviewTrackers, showed that reviews on Facebook are growing 4X faster than they are on other platforms. Worth paying attention to.


Twitter’s momentum has slowed in recent times as their audience growth has stalled – but there’s still a lot of value in tweets, particularly if that happens to be where your target audience is interacting.

TrackMaven found that entertainment brands, again, were seeing the most engagement, but outside of that, these sectors are also generating a lot of engagement.

  • Farming
  • Aviation and Aerospace
  • Sporting Goods

If you’re work touches on any of these particular areas, it may be worth tuning in and seeing what the discussion is all about.


The visual nature of Instagram has many thinking that if they don’t create an eye-catching, beautiful product, then the platform’s not for them. And that may not be totally true – according to the report, among the sectors generating the most engagement on Instagram are:

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Luxury Goods and Jewellery
  • Sporting Goods
  • Fashion and Apparel

Okay, so most of those have a visual focus, but interesting to note the inclusion of consumer electronics, which highlights that there are ways to use the platform for less eye-catching products.


On LinkedIn, the focus is generally on B2B brands. But the brands actually generating engagement on the platform include a bit of a mix.

  • Wine and Spirits (the most engaged sector on the platform)
  • Luxury Goods and Jewellery
  • Automotive

The inclusion of these high-end type sectors likely points to the fact that people on LinkedIn want to present an image of success, of affluence among their peers. And that’s an interesting dynamic to consider in your social media marketing efforts.

As you can see, what resonates on each platform is not always as clear cut as it may seem. It’s important to do your research ahead of time to determine the platforms that best fit your business. 

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