Tools like Hootsuite, Buffer and TweetDeck can help boost efficiency and organise the flow and scheduling of your content.

Free social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube, to name a few, have been adopted enthusiastically by businesses who recognise social media offers a low-cost platform for marketing purposes.

So how can you stand out from your competitors? As you work to reach your marketing goals, here are some top tips to help manage and curate your feed, and make more efficient use of your time.

Create a schedule

When you create a social media schedule, you instantly reduce the level of effort involved in achieving a consistent output of posts. Tools like Hootsuite, Buffer and TweetDeck can help boost efficiency and organise the flow and scheduling of your content.

How often you post depends on your audience, the campaign and what platforms you’re using. Always keep your audience in mind and ensure you’re not bombarding them.

Adjust your content to the channel

Customise the content you distribute on each network. Consider what tone of voice is appropriate for the platform in question and create a message you think will connect with users.

As a general rule, good online content should be of a ‘snackable’ size to quickly capture people’s attention. It should also provide value – whether that’s entertainment, news or an industry insight – and be highly shareable.

Unless you’re a brand with millions of followers, adopting the assumption of ‘they’ll love this promotion/pitch’ will almost always backfire. However, your updates and posts need to be driven by a business purpose and must contribute to your content marketing in a significant way, whether that is to drive people to your website, generate leads or increase business exposure. 

Boost your content

Paid content campaigns are a great way to generate more social clicks on your best content. One way of driving traffic to your site is through the paid promotion of your content. For example, Sensis Social Ads can help you leverage Facebook’s growing Australian audience to target customers interested in your products and services.  

Embrace visual storytelling

Social media has evolved to become a highly visual outlet, evident in the rise of Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, Tumblr and portfolio sites like Behance.

If you feel text is not the best way to communicate with your followers, you can use social media to get your message across with videos, memes and photographs. Think through your selection of images for brand consistency in terms of colour, theme, messaging and design.

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