We are a long-standing reputable company with solid experience in various industries across Australia.

SEM offers an enviable opportunity for small businesses to promote themselves because they can be a major player appearing in the top positions of search engines with the right research on relevant terms. 

How does it work?

The most popular search engines in Australia are Google and Bing. When people search on the internet, they will enter a term such as ‘Plumber Melbourne’ into a search engine, then a business’s advert will appear in the ‘paid ads’ section.

The business will only spend their advertising budget when a user clicks on their ad which will take the user to the business’s website.

The cost per click (CPC) is determined by how much competitors are willing to pay, along with the quality score assigned to the campaign by the search engine. Campaigns are given a high Quality Score when their keywords, website and ad copy are all related and relevant.

It is important that the keywords in the campaign, along with the ad copy are relevant to the business and its website content which will increase the click through rate (CTR) of the campaign.

A CTR of 3% is a sign that users are consistently engaging with the content of the ads when they are shown in a search engine.

Why are clicks/conversions important?

A conversion for SEM is any enquiry made after the click including phone calls, people filling in forms and emails sent to the business. Generally a conversion rate of 15% is an indication of a campaign performing well.

How can you measure success?

Dynamic website tracking allows a business to track their visitor activity on their website, based on their SEM campaign. This is done by showing the content of a website, which for Sensis customers includes the contact phone information being replaced with a metered phone number.

Through this we can track call volume, date, time, duration and the location of the caller. In addition, the number of form completions, page prints and emails sent to advertisers can also be tracked, along with driving directions, PDF downloads and bookmarks.

Metered numbers are displayed on both landing pages and dynamic website tracking sites – the calls generated are tracked and reported back to the customers.

Why is our SEM offer superior to our competitors?

We are a long-standing reputable company with solid experience in various industries across Australia. A Sensis Search Ads campaign will include the following:

  • A tailored marketing strategy to link with your company message and audience.

  • The most relevant keywords when less reputable players in the industry can put in more broad keywords, charging you more.

  • A world-class platform that can deliver results from various providers including Google and Bing.

  • A bid management technology which focuses on driving performance through clicks and conversions, and not branding and awareness.

  • Dedicated specialists to manage your campaign every day.

  • We analyse search activity and adjust bids throughout the day.

  • Detailed feedback on key metric performance, highlights and insights.

A good SEM technique for small businesses is having a strong negative keyword list. If you’re an eyewear retailer you don’t want to be coming up in search results for wine glasses. This is part of our campaign optimisation with a Sensis Search Ads campaign.

Brett Rojo is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Sensis


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