Many think the creative opportunities on mobile are limited. But Fine says that is far from the case.

With the rising use of smartphones, it’s inevitable that advertising on mobile devices is going to become a bigger part of how a business goes about marketing itself to customers.

But like all technologies, there are certain things you need to understand, even at a basic level, about optimizing your website for mobile, and how to advertise on that platform.

Marc Fine of InMobi, an agency which specialises in advising clients about mobile advertising, says there’s a list of things a small business owner should keep in mind when advertising on mobile.

A specific audience

Fine says that whether it be smartphones or tablets, consumers are making the move to mobile en masse.

“Activities once reserved for desktop such as banking, shopping, and email have all migrated to mobile for ease and convenience. The mobile device has become an integral and essential part of people’s everyday lives. With this, has come a growing acceptance of mobile ads,” says Fine.

Unique behaviour

Research has found that consumers use each of their devices differently. Desktops and laptops are typically used for work related tasks, while tablets are used for content consumption such as news and video. Smartphones also have their own unique use, and advertising is responding accordingly.

“Smartphones are more for content snacking, for quick bursts of content such as social media and news, playing games and checking account balances, usually during moments of downtime, while consumers are waiting for something or commuting,” says Fine

Targeted opportunities

Fine says the opportunities for targeting are extensive.

“Contextual, behavioural, demographic, location-based, content-based and device-based; these are all now standard means to deliver relevant mobile ads to the right consumer, at the right time, in the right environment. As the targeting opportunities grow, so does the potential impact and effectiveness of your campaign,” he says.

Creative content

Many think the creative opportunities on mobile are limited. But Fine says that is far from the case.

“The reality is that with HTML5, rich media and new mobile ad units, there has never been a better time to build engagement on mobile and we are only at the forefront of what is creatively possible on mobile,” he says.

Publishers and sites

Advertising on mobile isn’t confined to a small unreadable box in the corner of your screen. Fine says that publishers have aligned the user experience to the huge shift we’re experiencing in mobile.

“The development of multi-screen formats and responsive design provides an optimal viewing experience, no matter what the device,” he says.

Effectiveness & measurement

As with any new technology, there is skepticism and fine says that with mobile this is particularly in the areas of effectiveness and measurement.

However, many companies have developed products to track app downloads, lead generation, geographical location and transactions.

“This allows marketers to calculate conversion and ROI effectively, helping them to reach real business goals.”


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