Should your brand be on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn can be a very powerful tool building up networks, generating leads, and growing online profiles. But while it can be effective, it takes the right kind of brand to get the most out of LinkedIn in terms of marketing a business.

Afterpay, for example, is one of the leading Australian brands when it comes to marketing on LinkedIn. They post a mix of compelling content including article links, company updates, and business news – plus they respond to comments and tag people in posts to help drive engagement. It’s all part of a delicious LinkedIn marketing recipe that sees tangible results for their business.

Thinking of marketing your business on LinkedIn? Here are some key factors to consider.

Which brands benefit most from LinkedIn?

B2B companies are the biggest winners on LinkedIn. The platform’s extensive networking functionality makes it easy to create connections with other businesses and customers. 84% of B2B decision makers start the buying process with a referral, so LinkedIn can be an invaluable tool for directly influencing customers’ purchasing decisions.

However, even if your business sits on the B2C side of the fence, LinkedIn can be handy for targeting niche audiences with a particular interest or expertise in a certain field, to share information and insights. Positioning your brand as a thought leader by sharing influential content is also a great opportunity to build brand awareness. For example, a small retailer could write a LinkedIn blog post about the impact of Amazon’s arrival in the Australian market. Or, an accountant could post a piece about changes in tax legislation for the year. The key goal for B2C businesses on LinkedIn is leveraging expertise to grow the brand online – rather than aiming for direct sales.

Even if you don’t think your brand is right for LinkedIn as a marketing tool, it can still be valuable for finding new staff. With the ability to search for people by skills, past experience, and references, LinkedIn can be beneficial for tracking down a new employee whose professional history fits the bill perfectly.

Should I advertise on LinkedIn?

Marketing on LinkedIn can be organic or paid. Investing in paid advertising can be effective in the right situations, such as if:

  • You offer a B2B product or service – B2B subscription services, training courses and so on tend to perform well on LinkedIn because they appeal directly to professionals on the platform. In this instance, text ads, image ads, or video ads can work well, and you can create different variations of ads to see which is most effective.
  • You want to increase your reach quickly – If the LinkedIn audience falls within your target audience, paying for a Sponsored Update – such as a timely thought leadership piece or major business update – can help drive awareness, clicks, and engagement to your brand with a single post.
  • You want to improve your recruiting efforts – if you need to grow your headcount or find candidates with very specific skills, LinkedIn recruitment ads can be beneficial for targeting people who meet your exact criteria, and helping surface your job listing to suitable candidates.

Above all, keep in mind that advertising on LinkedIn tends to be costlier than other platforms like Facebook or Instagram, so be specific about your goals and audience if you take this route.

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