“Measure when your tribe is online and post when they’re most likely to see your content so you’ve got the best chance of it reaching them."

Here’s how to forge a lasting connection between you and your followers via the visual-based network Instagram.

Social media presents a chance to answer queries your target audience might have and for you to listen to their feedback by monitoring the different content they engaged with, says WedShed cofounder Amy Lucas.

The Sydney startup is a platform that brings together a collection of wedding venues from around Australia, making it easier for couples to find their dream wedding venue as well as increase the visibility of venues in regional areas.

Instagram has been WedShed’s most successful platform and has become their favourite social tool when it comes to concentrating their marketing efforts – and the company is not alone when it comes to building their business through the social network.

“We find that the engagement we receive on our content published on Instagram is so much stronger than on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and I believe that’s for a few reasons.”

1. It’s a chance to be human

“It’s a little snapshot of what your business is doing, what you as a business represent and believe in,” says Lucas. “It’s a quick and easy way of communicating your brand message visually and sharing your brand personality.” Perhaps that’s the reason why 37% of Australian Instagram posts now contain emoji.

“Particularly when it comes to small business, people want to know that you’re human too, and Instagram is a great way to share real-life moments that demonstrate humour and vulnerability which people relate to.”

2. Visual beauty sells

Long gone are the days of snapping second-rate photos of the food you just had for lunch in the office. When you’re a business you need to be more strategic.

“If you’re using Instagram correctly, it has to be beautiful. Instagram should be a curated feed of good-looking things that relate to your business, your values and your audience.

“If you’re like us and have a business based around visual things, like wedding venues, then Instagram is like a never-ending ad that gets updated every week.”

3. It helps share the love with other people in your industry

“We’re constantly reposting content captured by other wedding vendors, which in return drives awareness of our business and encourages camaraderie… We get told from different contacts in the industry that they ‘follow’ us on Instagram since we tagged/posted them, and they’ve been watching our business evolve.”

4. It’s a place to experiment and test

“This is the beautiful thing for small businesses – you can use it to test out different ideas and see what is responded to most positively, gathering insights that can inform the way you operate,” says Lucas.

There are many ways to use Instagram, and one of them is to catch customers when they are at their most receptive. Remember to always think about your target audience – will they be checking their social media on their commute to work? Before bed?

“Measure when your tribe is online and post when they’re most likely to see your content so you’ve got the best chance of it reaching them.

“You can always go back and delete stuff later but just have a go. There will be some content that does better than you expect and some content that flops when you thought it was a cracker,” says Lucas.

“What matters is that you’re out there trying to connect with your target customers – because chances are they’re looking for you, too.”


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