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Sensis Digital Display levels the playing field and enables local businesses to be seen on websites they never imagined

Sensis Digital Display signals an exciting time for Sensis, as the first proof point following our own digital transformation. We’ve responded to digital advancements and the changing requirements of Australian small and medium businesses by transforming our product and technology offering to become Australia’s leading marketing services company.

Together with my team of digital marketing product experts, this has enabled the creation of the first of a number of innovative products to respond to the ever-changing digital landscape of Australian consumers and businesses.

Our research into the digital behaviours of SMBs through our Sensis reports has found that these businesses are connected to the internet more than ever before and rely on it for transactions and communications with their customers. They are beginning to understand the opportunities that digital marketing can offer their brand and are looking for ways to utilise it to their advantage.

On the back of these insights we identified a need to create a digital display – or banner ad – product for SMBs that was accessible, user-friendly and affordable.   Traditionally the domain of large businesses with big budgets, SMBs were not represented in this space.  Sensis Digital Display is all those things, with an easy to use interface for advertisement creation and effective targeting.

We partner with the business to co-create sleek and professional advertisements that the owner can edit however they see fit. The advertisements are then displayed as digital banners, Facebook and Instagram advertisements and side bar ads. The business owner can even choose where the ads are served and to whom they’re served.

Australian consumers prefer to shop locally and by implementing Sensis Digital Display, Aussie businesses will be able to service this need and target consumers most likely to shop with them. Our product is different to others on the market as we’ve carefully selected the websites the ads are run on so they’re most relevant to small and medium business objectives. We believe this is why we’re seeing higher than industry standard click through rates for these ads — we’re delivering the right message, for the right business, with the right advertisement, to the right people.

Sensis Digital Display levels the playing field and enables local businesses to be seen on websites they never imagined, and we’re thrilled to produce a product that will help Aussie SMBs thrive.


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