Sensis Social Ads is a great way to place your business in front of the right audiences to generate new customers and leads.

Once you’ve invested time and money creating an interesting product video or detailed blog post, how do you ensure people see it? Most people would simply post it on their social media networks, without considering social advertising.

But this form of marketing has become inherently social, and the savviest businesses are making the most of social ads.

According to a recent Sensis Social Media Report, 68% of internet users have a social media profile that they primarily use to catch up with friends and family, so these platforms are clearly a significant part of daily life for lots of people.

What are social ads?

Social ads are a concrete driver of leads and sales because they place your marketing messages in news feeds, where they sit in context with relevant posts and articles.

Since social networks gather a large amount of user information, social media advertising can move beyond common demographic and geographic data, and target a customer’s interests and behavioural information.

Therefore, you have an opportunity to put your business in front of the right target market and take advantage of millions of social media followers and potential customers.

Where to start?

Sensis Social Ads is one example of a service that creates, places and manages Facebook ads that link to your business website. A team of experts can help you leverage this platform’s growing Australian audience to target customers interested in your products and services, and it’s the most effective way of ‘purchasing’ relevant potential leads because people can’t feel forced into clicking.

What would your business gain?

With Sensis Social Ads, your business appears across mobile, tablet and desktop devices wherever people are online and on Facebook.

According to the report, Facebook continues to rule as the most used site across all ages and locations, making it a likely place to find new customers. In fact, 93% of social networkers maintain a Facebook profile.

Specialist account managers and social media experts can help you track performance and constantly improve it so you can get more people clicking to your website.

Want to find out more? We have created a helpful social ads quiz that will help determine if your business can benefit from this effective online marketing tool.


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