You need to be able to establish that you're available, capable, professional, tech savvy, trustworthy, and can do the job.

Access to clean, running water is taken for granted by many, so when things (literally) hit the fan, available plumbers become a precious commodity.

Instead of ringing around trying to find a resolution (so old school!), these days people frantically search online. If they happen to hit your site, you need to be able to very quickly establish, within seconds, that you're available, capable, professional, tech savvy, trustworthy, and can do the job without leaving an awful mess.

Taylor & Sons

This Melbourne-area company’s website front page does well to convey the aforementioned premise of availability, with the prominent diplay of its phone number and a “Melbourne’s Trusted Plumber, SAME DAY SERVICE" message practically jumping out of the screen.

The use of a tidy, “clean cut” looking plumber in images across the site conveys a professional attitude and the probability that whoever turns up won’t be carrying the detritus from their last job.

The company’s logo incorporates its “Master Plumbers” membership and accompanies the tagline “Local Plumbers Helping Local People”, two more undoubted trust-building factors.

The main menu on Taylor & Sons’ home page is segmented according to the company’s five services (which drop down to provide further info).

A simple-yet-effective layout. Just the way someone would want their plumber to be.

Plumbers Direct

Sydney-based plumbers and gasfitters Plumbers Direct have successfully built another simple site that communicates its main service offerings without fuss.

The front page includes an animation of five incentives/potential points of difference from its competitors – including “24/7 availability”, “pay no extra for after hours”, “fully licensed and insured”, “competitive pricing” and “great discounts” claims.

The site also includes easy-to-find contact details, including email, plus links to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and YouTube.

It should be noted not all of Plumbers Direct’s social media accounts are particularly active, making them seem like a bit of an afterthought, or something that was suggested but hasn’t been followed through with.

The site does, however, provide testimonials, and dedicates a significant mount of screen space to details of several major companies it contracts for.

Laser Plumbing

Australia-wide network Laser Plumbing has built another site that appears to be following consensus best practice techniques for the service industry – trustworthy looking staff, easy to find contact details and simple navigation.

As well as featuring prominent ‘guarantees’ and the like, Laser goes further with its front page menu by adding extra details such as ‘news’ and ‘promotions’ sections, something befitting of a company with broader reach than the previous two examples.

This site also offers extra inviting propositions such as ‘save water’ and ‘save on bills’ (who wouldn’t want to take that offer up?) and includes extra incentives such as the chance to win an ‘Apricus Solar Retro-Fit Upgrade’.

The requisite testimonials from happy customers make an appearance as well, plus the offer of a “free energy efficiency guide”.

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