Ensure you are taking the time to plan content for all platforms.

“Social media is a great platform to connect with prospective clients and the community in a way that is positive, subtle and engaging,” explains Brayley Taylor, marketing coordinator for Calibre Real Estate, a boutique agency based in Brisbane. 

“We compete with large franchises with a national presence so we have to be smart about our approach to our industry.

At the end of the day our clients want an excellent service that is going to maximise their investment – we can do that by implementing systems and solutions that have been refined to make a big impact, using social media is just another way to connect with our prospective clients,” says Taylor.

Social media has allowed the business to reach out and form relationships with an audience, who might not necessarily need their services at that particular point, but by laying down the foundations for when that audience needs a real estate agent they should be firmly front of mind.

Remember, having a social media presence fosters a sense of recognition among your potential audience.

Here are five ways of building your brand and improving awareness using social media, according to Taylor.

1. Customise your content

What works well on Instagram does not necessarily translate to Facebook, as they’re two very different platforms. Ensure you are taking the time to plan content for all platforms. 

2. Target your posts

Identify the people you want to reach, understand who they are and what kind of posts they would like to see, and design your campaign according to these factors. You want to keep your audience engaged, so keep their interests and needs at the forefront of your content.  

3. Post consistently

Don’t let social slide from focus: aim to post every day or every couple of days, you want to stay top of mind by regularly posting engaging content. Initially it will take some trial and error to see what your followers like and when they like it – remember, timing can be everything. 

4. Establish your objectives

It’s important to stay ahead of your competitors and establish a game plan. Realistically, what are you hoping to obtain from your social media platforms?

Are you looking for a direct return on investment (ROI) on your marketing spend or to establish a long-lasting relationship? If you’re looking for a direct ROI, engaging posts with a call-to-action (CTA) is going to be your best bet.

Make your CTA short and engaging while creating a sense of urgency. Social media is incredibly fast-paced, so use your opportunity to engage your existing audience and attract new followers wisely.

5. It won’t happen overnight

It might take a while to establish what works when, so try to be patient. Track and analyse the responses you receive as this will help you to gauge what works. At the end of the day it’s about establishing relationships with potential clients that you might not have otherwise reached. 

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