Add to that the minimal cost of paid advertising on social media platforms and it is an economical way of achieving targeted reach for small businesses.

Are you getting enough sales? Demand from residential building construction is projected to increase in 2016, providing plumbers and gasfitters with an opportunity for expansion, according to the most recent Sensis Industry Insights.

Ensure you’ve checked off these five marketing fundamentals to boost your exposure and keep up with your competitors:

Your website is a powerful marketing tool

If you’re a plumber it’s more important than ever to have a website as demand from the new housing market and renovations of existing homes will continue to intensify. 92% of Australians search for services online but only 66% of SMBs have a website, states recent Sensis Industry Insights.

Typically, home renovators spend hours online looking at bathrooms and kitchens, so your website services the same purpose as your shop front. But website design is not in everyone’s skillset, so you may need to choose a supplier to help create and maintain it.

“The initial investment can seem a lot, but done right, it can deliver great reach,” says Laser Group Brand Communications Coordinator Jodie Willis.

Laser Group is a leading network of trade service professionals in the plumbing and electrical industry. After ten years of growth the company has contractors placed in both Australia and New Zealand.

Research different packages for help with getting your business website up and running, writing search-engine-friendly copy, and creating a user-friendly design for visitors browsing on any device whether it be desktop, tablet or mobile.

Support your website with SEO

“Most businesses now manage a website and by engaging SEO you ensure that your online investment is directed to the market you are targeting,” says Willis. 

“We can end up spending a lot of money on websites but if the keywords used by your business aren’t the words searched for by the person looking for your business, your search rankings will fall behind that of your competitors.”

Link your website to social media

Depending on your market and your community, social media can be an economical way to reach your customers, says Willis.

“Social media offers an opportunity for younger staff to become involved with your online presence and a learning platform for them around branding and the impact they can have on your business,” says Willis.

“Add to that the minimal cost of paid advertising on social media platforms and it is an economical way of achieving targeted reach for small businesses,” she says.

Online and print directories to reach all your audience

“Marketing is more than advertising:  Don’t just limit yourself to straight advertising - regardless of placement,” says Willis.

“Develop a plan around what you want to do so you can work out what you can afford and how much money you are prepared to spend.”

Consider print and online directories, brochures, magnets, letterbox drops, hampers for valued clients, promotional clothing or events.

“There are 101 ways to market your business and many of them simply require some imagination.”


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is paid advertising that can get your website on the first search engine results page. Pay-per-click (PPC) means you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

You can target your ad to appear in specific locations and have it appear alongside results for keyword searches relating to your business.

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