Aussies spent a little under 7 hours online each week and desktop computers were king, Facebook didn’t exist, and when people wanted information 80% turned to the print to find it.

Fast forward to now, we now spend about 24 hours a week online, that’s a full day, desktop computer certainly no longer be all and end all, and 65% of us are Facebook users.

Instagram’s new timeline and other tips

If you are keen to share images relating to your business with as wide an audience as possible, now is the time to perfect your Instagram technique.

Instagram is the latest social media platform to announce it is adopting an algorithmic timeline, something that many network commentators have said was inevitable given that Instagram is owned by Facebook.

Instagram's new timeline and other tips

Is your website out of date already?

It might feel like you only just launched your business website, but if you don’t keep up with changing trends you’ll risk losing your customer base.

Many SMBs neglect to update their website because it takes time, or they do not feel they have the skills or financial resources to do so.

But an updated site with new content will show your credibility and establish trust for those who are sitting on the fence about buying your product or service.

Is your website out of date already?

Sensis Business Index - March 2016

SMB confidence was lower but still at a comparatively high level overall. The economy was perceived to be weakening which made the latest quarter more challenging than had been anticipated. There are also more negative views about the economy for the coming year.

However, this has not stopped SMBs expecting better performances this quarter on all key performance indicators, especially among well-established firms and those claiming to have particular business strengths.

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