“LinkedIn users are professionally minded, better compensated, and therefore a solid B2B social media marketing investment."

In the very early days it was all about maximum quantities – how many Facebook friends and the tally of Twitter followers.

Fast forward about a decade and now it's all about quality. That is, it's virtually meaningless as to how many subscribers you have if they pay short shrift to your posts, rarely interact with you, and ultimately have no actual interest in your product.

As a consequence, many companies are moving towards more business-oriented platforms like LinkedIn Company Pages, which bills itself as a place to raise brand awareness, promote career opportunities, and educate potential customers on your products and services.

Beth Anne Balance, a community manager at Ignite Social Media, says the benefits of targeting slightly smaller (but still significant) groups, specifically LinkedIn users, is the fact that they are, “eight times more engaged with your brand and therefore 3 times more likely to buy your product.”

“LinkedIn users are professionally minded, better compensated, and therefore a solid B2B social media marketing investment,” she says.

“With over 28 million unique monthly visitors, utilising LinkedIn properly can lead to effective B2B marketing and high conversion rates.” 

Jim Yu, CEO of enterprise SEO platform BrightEdge, agrees: “The LinkedIn audience is huge and is not just any audience – it’s a highly educated and influential group.”

“The content marketing explosion has meant that influencers are sharing and engaging via content and not just looking for jobs,” he writes in a recent article on the Marketingland website.

According to Yu, the site has “grown to become the place where professionals network and do business online” and, as a result, its company pages allow businesses to engage in “content marketing (that) puts you and your business in front of the people you want to see it.” 

“It’s little wonder creating a compelling company page on LinkedIn has become a must-do part of every business’ marketing and promotional strategy,” says content marketing specialist Nikki Beecroft.

She warns, however, “it’s not enough to simply slap an uninspired static page up on LinkedIn and expect the enquiries to start rolling in.”


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