LinkedIn is a professional networking platform and a great start for your business to expand its circles once you set up a company profile.

Getting your accounting firm noticed is no easy task, especially when many of your potential small business clients would prefer to place bookkeeping at the bottom of their to-do list.

You’re probably accustomed to building interest in your business through referrals, but today networking will only get you so far. Here are five ways to encourage more clients through the door by boosting your online marketing efforts:

1. Capture leads through your website

Beyond the walls of your office, people will form lasting impressions based on the state of your website.

For accountants, establishing credibility should be your first priority. As soon as visitors arrive at your website, your professionalism will be judged in a matter of seconds based on its aesthetic appeal and usability.

Make the website experience effortless for visitors with easy navigation and an obvious call-to-action to lead them to the next destination on your site. This is critical for converting visitors.

2. Reach more potential customers with SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of the best ways to draw online customers to your website, but it’s not necessarily in everyone’s skill set. There are different SEO solutions available that help with every step of the journey, from setup to optimisation and reporting.

This way you can be sure your business is optimised for search engines like Google, but also across local directories such as Yellow Pages and Google Maps.

3. Advertise with a free listing

A free listing is a useful way to spread the word about your business. By listing your details in our print and online directories, your business is more likely to be found within search engine results pages at the moment when potential customers are seeking accounting services.

4. Draw attention with social media

While email is effective in drawing in clients, your marketing efforts should extend to where most people spend a lot of their time – social media. This is equally important in helping to broaden your brand.

For example, LinkedIn is a professional networking platform and a great start for your business to expand its circles once you set up a company profile. Prove your credibility by encouraging each of your employees to link to the company page, and share content and news stories.

5. Share content to establish your expertise

Social media isn’t the only space where you can post content. Start a blog on your website so you become renewed for publishing the latest industry news. Remember: the quality and usefulness of your firm’s content will impact the reception it gets and therefore its marketing value.

Tackling timely issues is another factor. Your insights will be especially welcome at the beginning or end of the financial year, during tax season or when areas like ‘budgeting’ and ‘financial planning’ are receiving a lot of attention.

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