The good news is, with the cost effectiveness of digital marketing, even the smallest operation can achieve this.

Helping the community navigate through the complexities of the legal system in Australia is a tricky pursuit, but the real challenge for legal practices is to become known to the general public as a reliable guide.

The good news is, with the cost effectiveness of digital marketing, even the smallest operation can achieve this.

The benchmark is all-round online excellence – to the point that a fantastic website alone is devalued without active social media efforts and additional footprints across the web.

Check out some great examples, from here and abroad, of what it takes to put yourself on the map.

Meyer Wilson

This Columbus, Ohio-based law firm “dedicated solely to investor claims & class actions” cleverly uses its impressive website as, among other things, a launchpad to its extensive social media presence.

The company's Facebook and Twitter accounts both have strong followings and are updated and posted to regularly, helping to actively engage the firm with it's stakeholders and clients, with LinkedIn and Google+ adding to its online social media portfolio.

Meyer Wilson's YouTube channel is also a standout. It's well-stocked with various legal explanations and examples, helping to build the firm's assumed authority.

Images and logos are used uniformly across all of its web properties – a virtual necessity these days.

Meyer Wilson's sleekly designed, functional and informative website received an “Outstanding achievement in internet advertising” accolade at the 2014 Internet Advertising Awards.

Gilbert + Tobin Lawyers

Gilbert + Tobin was recognised as most innovative Australian law firm at the 2014 Financial Times Asia-Pacific Innovative Lawyers Awards, and it's digital marketing strategy absolutely reflects this.

You can tell the firm is serious about its online presence with its website available not only in a Chinese alternate version but also Korean! Not a bad way to expand your market!

G+T's Twitter account has almost 1,500 followers and tweets appear at least once a week – a reasonable level that achieves a good balance between substance and regularity.

The firm also maintains LinkedIn and YouTube accounts, with its YouTube channel noticeable for the production quality of its wide variety of clips. G+T tv is the firm's dedicated online channel, largely focusing on professional development and training.

Rocket Lawyer

A 100% online legal firm, Rocket Lawyer brilliantly markets itself as a website offering online legal services and “an affordable and simple way to handle any legal situation”.

What it demonstrates is how any legal practice, large, medium or small, can market and conduct a proportion of its business through digital means by acting as a hub for, among other things, simple administrative transactions.

Services include online legal document creation, the ability to incorporate a business online, ongoing regulatory compliance support and the chance to ask qualified lawyers for legal advice.

The company also releases semi-regular surveys and studies, a solid reputation-building tool.

Membership to Rocket Lawyer is completely free for the first week then US$39.95 a month, but that doesn't mean smaller firms can't replicate this model on a smaller scale.

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