Celebrating the holidays or discussing current events shows your customers and online visitors that your site is active and current.

Festive logos, brand images, and social media pages to go with the spirit of holidays can humanise your brand and help you connect with your fans on a deeper level.

Even if your regular posts stick firmly to a strategy or template, it's perfectly OK to sometimes break from the norm and adopt a seasonal angle – and your followers will appreciate you for it.

“It’s a friendly, sociable thing to do that will probably make your website or Facebook page more fun to use,” says Kirsty Mallan, social media and client liaison expert at UK website design agency BoxChilli.

“Celebrating the holidays or discussing current events shows your customers and online visitors that your site is active and current, not simply pre-programmed or rehashed content,” she says.

“This translates into a more interesting business page, one people are more likely to visit or linger on, and makes them more likely to turn into customers.”

“Most businesses and marketers face the challenge of not being able to stand out and making themselves shine brighter than their competition,” says Tashmeem Mirza, social media marketer in an article on the Third Team Media blog.

“Holidays give you a great opportunity to show the world your corporate culture.”

It's also essential to consider that, in the week between Christmas and New Year especially, people's habits regarding their social media interactions will change as they dash between social engagements, the beach and holiday houses.

Another way to stand out from the social media crowd this festive season is to offer limited/short timeframe deals.

This is not a new concept but is very effective during this time of year because consumers are more aware of pre and post-Christmas sales. Suggestions include providing a limited number of products for a sale, or perhaps running a 24-hour deal.

If you give people ample time to consider your offer they may end up never going for it. The reason for this is simple – everyone has a special deal during Christmas. At the same time, it's natural for people to give priority to things that require immediate attention and to put aside things that can wait.


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