Let a professional team of web experts build, write and manage your website and handle your online presence if that isn’t your area of expertise.

Many SMBs neglect to update their website because it takes time, or they do not feel they have the skills or financial resources to do so.

But an updated site with new content will show your credibility and establish trust for those who are sitting on the fence about buying your product or service.

Here are five key areas where your website might need to improve but for time-poor businesses the first point of call should be a supplier who can bring these aspects to life.

1. Update your design to current standards

A website designed back in 2008 is going to look dated compared to one designed today. Let a professional team of web experts build, write and manage your website and handle your online presence if that isn’t your area of expertise.

2. Include prominent contact information

Someone who comes across your business website shouldn’t have to do investigative work to figure out how to contact you, exactly what it is that you offer and the prices you charge.

Create an About Us page that clearly shares your business mission and intentions, and include a background summary of your staff.

For your Products/Services page, detail product and service information, pricing, shipping, return policy and warranty.

The Contact Us page is an opportunity to leave your phone number, opening hours and customer support email so existing customers can connect with you. These elements will also help encourage new business. It’s also useful to embed a Google Map of your location.

3. Keep the fresh content coming

Your site has seconds to capture a person’s interest. Keep your pages refreshed with new information, photos or videos, and post on your blog on a regular basis – whether that’s daily, weekly or monthly – so people come to feel familiar with the brand.   

Google wants to reward high-quality sites with unique content. So not only does original content improve your website for visitors, it can also boost your site’s rankings.

4. Create a photo gallery

Whether you’re an electrician, builder or the owner of an accounting firm, you can express the spirit of your brand quickly with attractive images on your homepage. Possible photo opportunities include your products or services, business events, trade shows and successfully completed projects or satisfied customers posing with your product. Avoid using stock photos because it’s very obvious the people posing are not your staff or customers.

5. Consider a responsive design

Responsive design means your website optimises for a touch interface and scales to any screen size. This should be a priority because search engines like Google and Bing give a higher ranking to sites that are optimised for mobile and have a responsive design.

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