How to improve your social media strategy with consistency
Consistency doesn’t have to mean posting five times a day, every day, but more in terms of a consistency in the ‘look and feel’ across your entire business.

Consistency doesn’t have to mean posting five times a day, every day, but more in terms of a consistency in the ‘look and feel’ across your entire business.

We’ll use Twitter as an example – on Twitter, it’s not only important to be listening in by tracking relevant mentions and responding to queries, but you also need to consider how you respond and whether your responses align with what you want people to think about your company.

In line with this, Twitter recently outlined three best practices for tweet consistency, and while they may seem simple, they’re worth keeping in mind and integrating into your own process.

1. Maintain a consistent colour palette

Some brands use colour so well that when you see a certain tone you immediately associate it with their business. Think Starbucks green, Tiffany’s sea blue, even Qantas red. You’ll notice, too, if you look up their social media profiles, that those colours are always featured in their posts, helping to underline that association and develop brand consistency.

Choosing a distinctive colour can also help your business stand out, while at the same time, it can simplify future design decisions because you know what tones you’re limited to.

One simple way to do this is to use an online colour wheel to select the colour you like, then use the related tones to highlight and accentuate your presence.

2. Use filters to enhance branding

Another way to boost your content is through the use of image filters – filtering tools were first made popular on Instagram, but these days you can find them on most platforms in some capacity.

Twitter, which also provides a range of filters, advises that businesses should look to use one filter consistently, which again boosts consistency and enhances your branding efforts.

Using the same filter also gives your content a familiar feel, which can also help you stand out in our ever-busy social feeds, while using similar angles in your photos is another element to consider.

3. Text overlays on images

Creating your own images has become a key consideration in social media marketing, as the response to posts with images is simply much greater than those without.

Given the availability of high-quality camera and editing equipment, creating good images is also not as difficult as it once was – but what can be frustrating is when other people re-purpose your images across the web.

On one hand, this is good for branding, however that’s only effective if your image has your brand or logo on it.

For this reason, you should consider overlaying your photos with your business logo.

It doesn’t have to dominate the photo – in fact it shouldn’t – but a small overlay in the corner or some text on screen can help boost your branding efforts, ensuring that you’re maximising the recognition potential of your work.

Whether you realise it or not, consistency is important, and can have a significant impact on your overall marketing efforts. 

These three tips are small and relatively easy to implement. It’s worth considering how your social content reflects on your business.

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