how to maket your business better online
A website makes an important first impression that establishes credibility and helps build trust in your organisation

A website makes an important first impression that establishes credibility and helps build trust in your organisation, says founder and CEO of Disrupt Surfing Gary Elphick.

“For us, a website is our business,” he says.  “Having a website for your business is like a having a phone number. It’s the first thing people look when they want to contact you, and learn more about what you do.”

Elphick's Sydney startup has become known for disrupting the sports equipment industry upon launching its first product: an Internet of Things connected surfboard made through 3D printing.

Disrupt Surfing took out the win at the University of Sydney’s Genesis award for innovation in business, they were finalists in the Australian business awards and also voted one of Top 20 apps in Australia by OzApps, according to Elphick.

In Elphick’s experience, a great business website is all about starting simple.

“When it comes to your website, start off small with an ‘About us’ page with your contact details and what you do. After that, build something more detailed and complicated, that answers to three factors.”.

Here are five ways of marketing your business better online:

  1. Promote your business and services

A website is a platform for showing the quality of your work, your offering and your point of difference. Personalise your business by showing examples and images of your offerings, the team in action and what you do differently, says Elphick.

To get marketing and exposure:

  1. Register on Google places;
  2. Focus. Good marketing executed well in a niche channel is better that spreading your bets far and wide.

“In the long run, know your customer and what they are searching for and why online,” says Elphick.

2. De-risk people’s decision making

“When we’re looking at things we’ve not had much experience in, we look to others to validate our choices,” says Elphick. We ask friends, read reviews, watch product videos and discover guarantees.”

Try to ask yourself, ‘How can I make the decision-making for the customer easy and inspire trust?’

3. Provide contact details 

“It sounds like a no-brainer as it is, but put your contact details in the footer and your ‘Contact us’ page to make it easy for people to reach you,” says Elphick.

4. Stick to your core brand values

Disrupt Surfing’s core brand values are creativity in sporting goods design, innovation in sport, and down to earth advice, says Elphick.

Not only you, but all of your staff need to be able to articulate the core values at the heart of the business. And your website should clearly articulate these values.

5. Content that works

Your content strategy should involve both thinking about what quality content you can produce and then how you will distribution it, says Elphick.

This may include producing how-to videos, blogs and other written content that display your expertise on a subject.

“If you need to, outsource some of these tasks - time is your most valuable thing,” Elphick says.

“Do it yourself to begin with so you know what you’re talking about, and then hire freelancers on Upwork, Freelancer or even locally and then just edit their work.”

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