Take a step back and reassess what is important to you and whether you need to work the number of hours you are currently doing.

Managing a business is a demanding juggling act, which can result in frustration over neglecting other areas of your life. John Sikkema is a philanthropist, thought leader, entrepreneur and Executive Chairman of Halftime Australia, who has collated five pieces of advice to feel in control of your business and your life.

1) Get your foundation right and be clear on the destination

Having the wrong people in key roles results in competing agendas and a clash of values.  Address this problem immediately. Team players need 100% commitment to your vision - the sooner you move the wrong people on, the quicker you can surround yourself with team members who will commit to, and contribute to a common, unifying vision.

2) Be prepared to take on a leadership position

The greatest move you will ever make is to step up and be ‘the leader’. Find a mentor to encourage and challenge you.  Some of the best mentors are visionary leaders who shared their most important business lessons in books on business and leadership.

3) Make culture, values and integrity a priority

Get this key right and people will want to work for you, and not leave. Treat staff like family. Many companies however, develop values that sound meaningful, even displaying them in full view of customers. This is a dangerous practice because customers should be experiencing these values rather reading them.

The people at the top must be prepared to serve their staff and clients. When this leadership culture is created, staff will follow.

4) Recognise that people are your biggest asset or liability

One of the best time investments is sitting down with individual staff for a brainstorming session. Ask them a key question - where could they add the most value going forward? Invariably, this has resulted in more passionate, loyal staff who have then achieved way beyond the original brief for your business. The highest priorities for staff are typically:

  • Feeling appreciated for the work they have done
  • Being included  
  • Taking into account their personal situation.

By applying these three simple priorities, it showed you genuinely value and appreciate your staff. In return they respond by going the extra mile.

5) Align your business to your life purpose

Many high achievers will align their life purpose to their careers and businesses by default. The consequences can be disastrous. If your personal relationships are at breaking point, your body is feeling the stress or you can sense you’re becoming a workaholic, you’re impacting your success.

Take a step back and reassess what is important to you and whether you need to work the number of hours you are currently doing at the expense of your health and happiness. There will be a more effective way of achieving growth. You just need to determine the solution.


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