One way to increase website rankings is to become trusted a source of information that customers rely on.

If you’re in the alternative health business, you not only market a service, but a holistic lifestyle where you’re promising major improvements in your customers lives.

Whether that is acupuncture, naturopathy, traditional Chinese medicines or massage, these therapies are becoming increasingly accepted. The Alternative Health Therapies industry has grown strong over the past five years with an annual growth rate of 3.9% between 2011 to the present day, according to IBIS World.

As a SME you may be very knowledgeable and skilled but you need to ensure you’re treating your practice like a business, not a hobby.

So how should you market yourself to capitalise on this increasing customer demand?

Step 1: Your marketing campaigns need to have clear goals

Owners of holistic businesses often struggle to communicate the value of their products and services. You can combat this by having a clear goal in mind for every marketing activity you take on.

Step 2: Create a mission statement

Determine the direction of your business. Once you know what you stand for and where you are going, all business decisions can be made on the basis of whether they support your vision or not. 

Step 3: Post an introductory video on your website

Gaining customers means getting people to know and trust you. An introductory video will allow you to discuss the treatment you offer, address common concerns and establish your credibility. You can direct people to your contact phone number and business email for further enquiries.

Step 4: Keep a blog

One way to increase website rankings is to become trusted a source of information that customers rely on. Your blog should be extension of your brand and should inform what topics you write about, what advice you give and the tone of your content. Optimised content with keywords and phrases will also draw more traffic and potential leads to your site.

Step 5: Get discovered online with SEO

The online space is getting more crowded by the day – to get found and to also make your website understandable by search engines, search engine optimisation sends signals  An awareness of relevant keywords to your business and overall industry can guide your content. Try not to fall into the trap of overusing or repeating the same keywords, using keywords that aren’t relevant to your product or focusing on too broad a set.

Step 6: Encourage referral business

If a client is happy there’s no harm in encouraging them to share your contact details with friends and family and give them business cards or flyers to pass on.


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