You might have a fantastic product but without search engine optimisation or 'SEO' you may never been found.

You might have a fantastic service or product but without search engine optimisation or 'SEO' you may never been found.

Almost 92% of Australians search for products and services online, according to the Sensis eBusiness Report 2014.

Having an informative, easy-to-navigate website is an important tool for your business. It’s a platform for you to showcase your goods and services, personalise your business and drive sales. But it’s not as simple as ‘if you build it they will come’.

With the number of specialists offering their services at a competitive cost, it’s worth exploring whether your business would benefit from professional search engine optimisation (SEO) expertise to help establish your brand as a leader and make sure you have the best possible web presence.

If you need to build up a solid web presence from scratch, if your website is performing poorly (no traffic), if you’re getting traffic but not customers (this is called conversions) or if you want to seek out new markets and customers (for example, mobile phone traffic) then it might be worth consulting the professionals.

Some tips on choosing the right SEO company for your business include:

Don’t be fooled by too-good-to-be-true promises

If a company is offering instant first page Google rankings by purchasing competitive keywords or links then steer clear – it takes time and effort to get these results. It’s a good sign if a company talks about your long-term goals.

Know what you are getting

Does the company offer a complete online marketing plan? Does the company have a long history in SEO, do they have a niche? Are they a reputable company in Australia with a solid history?

Communication is critical

Identify who in the company will be working on your SEO project and develop a relationship with them. Make sure there will be project management and mapping – how frequently will you receive account updates and with how much detail? Define your expectations and make sure you are getting deliverables such as monthly progress reports, goals and milestones.

Analytics reports and recommendations

To truly optimise your site, it’s important to get recommendations with your reports. The goal is to work with a company that not only understands the analytics but can clearly explain them to you and suggest ways to implement the recommendations.

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