You're smack-bang in the midst of one of the most competitive and fastest growing sectors in the country.

If you're involved in a medium-sized business in Australia, it would probably come as no surprise for you to be told that you're smack-bang in the midst of one of the most competitive and fastest growing sectors in the country.

As such, to prevent stagnation and to continue growing, in marketing terms it will involve the need to come up with something extra special in terms of rising above the pack.

The best way, undoubtedly, to go about this is to embrace the task at hand, as opposed to seeing it as a drag on your time.

Content expert Dennis Shiao believes that while marketing professionals at mid-sized companies may face “an increasing degree of complexity” in their jobs, “marketing at mid-sized companies has never been more fun.”

“High expectations paired with modest resources gives us the opportunity to become heroes within our organisations,” he writes. “We need to be innovative, crafty and agile in order to succeed. And we need to look in places where others are not.”

“If you’re a mid-size marketer competing against enterprise players, use your agility to your advantage,” he advises. “Big companies have a layer of process, wrapped inside several more layers of procedure. You have far less (if any) process at your company, so take advantage of that agility.”

Small business podcaster Mark Asquith believes that, as with most things in business, “you'll find research, planning and evaluation always pay off”.

“Research your competitors and your market, but try to think about the market as physical people,” he says in an article on the Guardian website. “Develop a thorough understanding of the people you want to trade with and the issues they face.”

“Set objectives for every bit of marketing you do, and give very specific timings and measurements of success,” Asquith says.

“For example, your website's success may be measured by how it generates inquiries or sales. Give your printed work specific objectives, too, such as driving traffic to your website through a specific "search for" call to action.”

“Don't be shy about rapidly assessing and amending things in order to keep on track for your objectives – measure, tweak and measure again.”

An article on the Entrepreneur website says firms that are successful in marketing “invariably start with a marketing plan”.

“Developing the plan is the "heavy lifting" of marketing,” the article says. “While executing the plan has its challenges, deciding what to do and how to do it is marketing's greatest challenge.”

“You can't do (it) without getting many people involved. No matter what your size, get feedback from all parts of your company: finance, manufacturing, personnel, supply and so on -- in addition to marketing itself.”

“Your key people can provide realistic input on what's achievable and how your goals can be reached, and they can share any insights they have on any potential, as-yet-unrealised marketing opportunities, adding another dimension to your plan.”

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