How much should you expect to pay for SEO?
A more comprehensive SEO approach is particularly relevant for businesses with multiple location and wider scope – the bigger the market, the more opportunities, which also, in turn, makes your SEO situation more complex.

It’s no secret that search engine optimisation is a highly technical, complex and ever-changing field.

This makes it very hard for small business owners to ensure their website is ranking as well as it could be – even if you know all the keywords you need to aim for, how do you know if you’re capitalising on all the available opportunities, including long-tail search queries? How do you know if your website is fully optimised and responsive? Are you aware of all the other SEO elements at play?

Because of these variables, it often makes more sense to pay for SEO experts to help – but what should you expect to pay, and what services should you expect within an SEO package?

Here’s a basic – but by no means exhaustive – overview of some of the general SEO tiers and offerings to consider.

Tier 1: The basics

If you want to ensure you’re covered for the SEO basics, and you’re on track to maximising your search traffic, a basic SEO package should cover keyword optimisation and a regular review of emerging keyword opportunities.

It should also include relevant listing with Google My Business, which will ensure your business’s contact details are registered with Google and linked to your website (this is particularly important for location-based queries).

Any SEO expert should also be able to explain their work and answer your questions, giving you a clear understanding of what they’re doing and what you’re paying for.

A basic SEO package like this can cost about $500-$800 per month.

Tier 2: Intermediate

Depending on the size and scope of your business – and how much traffic you’re likely to get from Google – you may need a more comprehensive SEO approach. This is particularly relevant for businesses with multiple location and wider scope – the bigger the market, the more opportunities, which also, in turn, makes your SEO situation more complex.

At the secondary level you’ll likely need more regular feedback and an optimisation review, as keyword opportunities can change fast. You may also need to list multiple sites or domains, and ensure they’re also correctly registered with Google, while having dedicated, always-on advice should be the expectation, including advice and assistance on site optimisation as required.

A broader scoped package like this could cost between $1,000 to $1,500 per month, depending on the specific scope and requirements.

Tier 3: Advanced

The third tier for SEO covers wide-reaching campaigns with multiple websites, store locations and varying keyword opportunities, including all relevant optimisation advice and tools to help ensure you’re maximising every opportunity.

This type of coverage is premium level, so it’ll cost more, but it’ll likely pay off if Google ends up driving a significant amount of traffic back to your site.

The expectation should be top level exposure, and regular results, with your SEO experts reviewing and advising on changes relative to online shifts.

The pricing for this type of service can vary significantly, with $1500 being your starting point. The details of each project’s requirements and desired outcomes will change the parameters – and therefore cost.

These, of course, are not prescriptive, and there are a lot of smaller details and offerings built into each segment, but as a general overview, this is what search engine optimisation services will cost you in the current Australian market.

It may seem like quite an outlay, particularly for smaller businesses, but when you consider that 64% of website traffic is driven by online search, it’s clear that getting your business into those top search results is key to maximising your business exposure.

How much is that worth, exactly? If you consider how much of your web traffic is driven by Google, how many of those visitors go on to become paying customers, and how much the average customer spends, you can probably get some idea of how much SEO is worth – and will be worth as your results improve.

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