Research and build a list of keywords to focus all of your content and website around.

These days, a savvy digital marketing approach must entail a professional website, familiarity with search engine optimisation (SEO) and an adoption of social media platforms to target your audience.

Ensure your website is optimised

Drop the “if you build it, they will come” mentality and don’t wait for your customers to come to you – simply building and putting up your website will not translate to visitors. 

If you want to improve traffic you need to get a handle on SEO, and employ a professional copywriter with knowledge of SEO to increase the quality of your website, the visit time and likelihood of conversion.

Research and build a list of keywords to focus all of your content and website around. The challenge is finding relevant keywords that attract a meaningful amount of traffic.

Consider the consumer when designing your site

A mistake many businesses make is to consider what they wish to include on their website, as opposed to getting into customer’s heads and discovering what they want to find out about your business.

Be a user advocate rather than just thinking like a web designer. You don’t want people arriving on your website to become disoriented. Call to action buttons, menus, sub-menus, scannable text, and presenting information in the simplest way possible allows them to quickly and easily find what they’re looking for.

Be smart on social

Integrate social media sharing icons on your website’s product pages with a direct click-through to your business Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other pages. Give your website a competitive edge by showing your customers that you’re active in their favourite social media channels.

After all customers that follow you across your social touch points are proven to spend more, engage more, advocate more and are more loyal. You don’t need to use every platform, but select the one’s that will best showcase your business in the best light.

By including sharing icons to your products, you’re making it easier for your loyal customers to talk about your brand across their own channels and networks.

Create original and interesting content

Publishing original and engaging social media content relevant to each platform is just as important. When creating posts, people are very sensitive to a ‘sales’ approach so avoid too much use of the promotional language.

Sharing your website pages and blogs on these platforms helps channel your customers back to your website.


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