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Research has shown that users who are re-targeted are 70% more likely to convert, which is an opportunity too big for most businesses to ignore.

While there’s never a blanket answer, display ads definitely have their place, and can greatly enhance your digital marketing strategy. Here are three ways that display advertising can be a great complement to your existing digital efforts.

1. Brand association

Various studies and research reports show the benefits of having multiple touchpoints, and how brand exposure alone can lead to more customers.

The basic concept is this: consumers now have more and more choice and options as they shop. In order for our brains to sort the message from the noise, we’re increasingly likely to go with the brand names we know, and discard those we don’t.

This is why sponsors pay thousands to get their logos on the uniforms of sports teams, why big brands try to slap their logo on everything they can. That repeated exposure builds a connection between consumers and the brand, at a subconscious level, generating familiarity.

So, when the time comes, which brand do you think those consumers will choose when presented with an option to buy a product from various providers?

In the digital marketing arena, display advertising plays a key part in this process. You don’t have to be hitting every potential customer on every website they visit, but strategic use of display ads can help build that brand association and generate results.

2. Right ad, right time

One of the key benefits of display ads is the opportunity to re-target ads to people who have visited your page - ads for the products in which they’ve previously shown an interest.

This is why ads for that shirt you just checked out on one site will show up on the right-hand side of your screen while you’re reading an article on a completely different website. Re-targeting is another opportunity to connect with people who have shown a genuine, advanced interest in specific products on your page.

And this type of advertising can be extremely effective - research has shown that users who are re-targeted are 70% more likely to convert, which is an opportunity too big for most businesses to ignore.

Sometimes, people just need a little reminder, a little nudge in the right direction. Re-targeting enables this.

3. Expanded reach

Another key benefit of display ads is that they give you yet another opportunity to expand your reach to a focused, defined audience.

Some display ads are poorly targeted and don’t mean much – but you can actually choose which websites display your ads, and use that as an opportunity to reach your target audience.

If you’ve conducted your research and you know the types of things your target market is interested in, you can use that as inspiration for your campaigns and reach specific websites related to that niche.

There’s a range of creative ways you can use display ads to your advantage. For example, say you run a hairdressing salon and you know there’s a major school formal event coming up where young girls will be looking for a place to get their hair done. Find out the local businesses where they’re likely to rent or buy dresses for the event, look up the relevant websites, and target them with your display ads.

It requires a bit of extra research, but there are ways you can use display ads to connect with exactly the right audience, expanding your potential.

These are just a few examples of ways you can use display ads to complement your current digital approach. With some creative thinking, and clever strategy, display ads can be a significant part of your branding and outreach efforts. 

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