"Businesses are increasingly using a blog platform to raise their brand’s profile, generate leads and boost their search engine optimisation (SEO)."

“I'm an electrician, will a blog help me sell my business? And where would I even start?"

Almost all big or small companies (92%) who blogged multiple times a day last year gained a new customer, according to HubSpot research, and 81% of marketers rated their blog as useful. And they’re free, or cheap!

Businesses are increasingly using a blog platform to raise their brand’s profile, generate leads and boost their search engine optimisation (SEO).

 It’s a savvy marketing tactic – as this year’s Sensis Yellow Social Media Report revealed, 67% of all social media users have read or do read online reviews or blogs and on average they read three reviews or blogs before making a purchase decision. 

Blogs, essentially, are steered by content – good content. A great blog should showcase well-researched, well-written information. It should be informative, innovative and entertaining.

“But I’m an electrician… a plumber… a personal trainer,” I hear you cry. “I haven’t written seriously since I finished high school.”  No matter – there are plenty of other tools SMEs can use when crafting a successful blog.

Writing is second nature to Valerie Khoo, founder of the Sydney Writers’ Centre, but business owners who aren’t comfortable with the medium shouldn’t be put off blogging. She suggests videos or podcasts as an alternative, adding that as long as you produce quality content people will keep coming back.

Blog features that can help sell your business

By using keywords a blog will ramp up your SEO, which aims to maximise a website’s exposure by influencing search engines like Google to find your site and rank it higher in their search engine results page (SERP).

Say you are an electrician – if a potential client needs a switchboard fixed, they’re going to want it done as soon as possible, and will probably only scroll down the first few Google results. You want to be at the top of that list.

Clients will always choose a service they can rely on. Uploading a CV, videos and photo albums of your work, references and reviews of your products or tools will draw in readers.

A blog is a forum where you can engage with your target market, so enable comments on your posts to stimulate discussion and feedback. If you run a trade-based business, consider uploading tips or simple ‘how-to’ videos. You might think this is counterintuitive, but it will showcase your knowledge and experience, and customers will feel confident to employ you for more complicated problems.

How to get started on a simple small business blog:

  • Commit to posting two to three times a week and share posts on social media platforms.
  • Create a concise title and tagline for your blog that sums up what your business is about and what you offer your customers.
  • Categorise posts to make your blog easy to navigate.
  • Invest time in your content – whether it’s copy, images or videos – and ensure it is sharp, edited and polished


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