Is your aim to make it easy for customers to find you or to primarily focus on having a cost-effective online presence?

If you need more eyes on your business, a free online or print listing in the Yellow or White Pages is a useful way to spread the word about your services.

You might have spent the time creating an attractive website, but appearing across all networks such as yellowpages.com.au and whitepages.com.au, via mobile devices and in the phone book, will boost your exposure that much more.

Once you have set up your free listing, here’s how to make sure it works for you:

1. Do your research – what option works for your business?

A free listing spreads the word by putting your details in front of your customers. But if you want to extend your reach even further there are different options. For example, a Yellow Pages Digital listing entitles you to show your business name, business location, email address, website and phone number. Yellow Pages Print on the other hand will showcase your business name, business location and phone number.

2. Determine your objective

The above step can be helped along by asking yourself some key questions to narrow down your goals. Which audience are you hoping to connect with and what kind of message do you want to send? Is your aim to make it easy for customers to find you or to primarily focus on having a cost-effective online presence?

3. Build on your listing

Start with the basics, but if you need you can upgrade your digital listing to include a description of your business, opening hours and more. One upgrade is the Foundation service that allows you to include a logo and slogan, business services, opening hours and contact information.

4. Use the right keywords

Raise your rankings in search engine results pages by using keywords that are specific to your target market and that your customer will be searching for. If you are a doctor in Sydney, specify using keywords such as ‘Sydney’ and ‘doctor’ in your ad description for the biggest advantage.

5. Grab people’s attention with quality images and/or videos

Make sure you include a relevant photo on your listings. It’s a challenge to hold anyone’s attention for more than a few seconds, but images and videos are a great way to leave lasting impressions – hopefully that you are a professional, credible and trustworthy brand.

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