Many small business owners are still focused on creating robust websites that fail to deliver a good experience via mobile.

Marketing is all about engagement creating a two-way conversation between you and your customers and budding customers.

You don't need to saturate your social media pages and website with announcements, offers and random comments multiple times every day – it's more about picking the right moment to post relevant and interesting content.

The aim should be to create a connected relationship between your clientele and your brand, as opposed to your products.

“The truth is that digital engagement doesn’t require all of your time and it is one of the most cost-effective ways to market your products or services,” says tech start-up CEO Dinesh De Silva.

In an article on the Business Review Weekly website, De Silva explains that to take a full advantage of the possibilities of internet marketing, “first you have to understand what makes companies highly digitally engaged”.

“It’s definitely not enough just to have a website or to use a business email address,” he says. “I’d describe high digital engagement as using online strategies and techniques to market your business and engage customers in achieving set goals.”

Entrepreneur and start-up consultant Peter Gasca says while there seems to be “no shortage of opportunities (for engagement)” these days, the problem is that “too many brands are getting it wrong”.

According to Gasca, many small business owners are still focused on “creating robust websites that fail to deliver a good experience via mobile”, and with the majority of digital eyeballs coming through mobile devices, “you will hurt your brand if you are not delivering a mobile-friendly experience”.

Writing on the Entrepreneur website, Gasca adds that with so much content available to everyone, “our attention spans have become increasingly shorter”, so “keep your engagement simple and make certain that it adds value”.

“Whether you are providing information, promoting a product or asking for a sign up, your visitor should immediately see and understand what is expected of them.”

Marketing agency founder James Debono says online marketing is no longer a “set it and forget it strategy”, because “there are too many changes implemented daily for that to happen”.

“Focus on providing the user with an excellent experience... and you will find that your website becomes a magnet for targeted clients resulting in increased sales,” he advises in an article on the Business2Community website.

“You need to find and continually work to attract targeted users to your site, in order to convert those browsers into paying clients of your business.”

“The Internet landscape and search engines constantly update their search algorithms, users change the way they consume and interact with online information, and a thus an online marketing strategy that worked well 12 months ago can suddenly stop providing results overnight.”

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