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Think about what your customer is likely to want or need over Christmas.

Google’s and Bing’s paid ads, images, flashing banners and bright promos are stealing people’s attention across the web, so standing out from the crowd at this time of year can be a tough gig.

So, what can you do to get more eyeballs on your business?

Use ‘rich snippets’

Rich what? Rich snippets. This is simple code that helps Google and Bing crawl your site and pull out bits of information that can help searchers make a decision.

To create this, you could include customer ratings and reviews, product information, recipes, events and even music and video content on your site. This will then sit under your ‘meta data’ – which is the little bit of text that tells people about how your business can solve their problem.

Ultimately, rich snippets can encourage customers to click on your search result before one of your competitors.

Keep your content seasonal

Think about what your customer is likely to want or need over Christmas. If you’re a landscape gardener for example, customers might be looking to spruce up their garden for summer parties.

Including what a potential customer needs in your content will not only help you connect on an emotional level, but Google will reward your website with an improved search engine ranking.

Google’s algorithm is constantly learning and re-rating websites based on human-centric signals – like what consumers are searching for more at various times of the year. So, tap into what users are on the hunt for at this time of year, and you could see yourself climbing the search results ladder.

Create some category demand

This means using your know-how to find reasons why people should be thinking about your products or services, then finding ways to make people aware of this online.

You might do this by giving customers friendly reminders on social networks, in forums or in the comments sections of relevant websites. Just don’t forget to include a link back to your website!

In our landscape gardener example, you could write an article on ‘how to prep your garden before going holidays’, and then offer your services to help customers get the job done without the fuss of DYI.  As you can see, this is both helpful, and reminds customers why you’re needed.

With over 70% of web traffic going to organic, or non-paid search results, being smart with SEO is a must-do over the Christmas period.


Eugene Holenstein is a Product Specialist – Sensis SEO

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